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Author Topic: Hottest links  (Read 6020 times)

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    Hottest links
    « on: December 24, 2003, 01:12:44 AM »
    What exactly is a hottest link?

    The hottest links aka Sponsored name is really used to place the link at the top of the category unlike a recriprocal link there is no need for a link back to

    In order to be listed in the hottest links grouping you would of had to either of sponsored a link meaning you paid to raise it to the top or I found the link to be so cool I just moved it up to the top listing on my own. If payment is not an option maybe some other type of arrangement could be agreed upon.

    A hot link will remain on the main page and at the top of its category until funds have expired.  Now sponsored links will hold a spot on the top of each page as well as a spot on the main page until funds run out.

    A daily amount is deleted from the provided funds until it reaches 0. When the funs reach 0 the link will be removed from the main page, demoted from top posistion in its category and returned to a regular link.

    Any link can be considered a hot link.