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[Oregon] Christmas Valley Dunes and Peters Creek Rockcrawl Area

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Near the remote town of Christmas Valley, Oregon, are a couple places to check out someday:  Christmas Valley Dunes, and Peter's Creek Rockcrawl nearby.  Sand and rocks, what more could you ask for in an action-packed weekend??

I've been to the dunes there twice and played around on the sand, but didn't really get to explore it thoroughly because it was in the middle of winter and I was solo.  It's in a remote area in central Oregon that is best visited over at least a weekend.  Primitive camping is available (recommended!), and probably RV camping and more in the "town" of Christmas Valley itself.

Cool area.  If you've never been to Central Oregon's high desert country before, you are in for a treat.

Peter's Creek rockcrawl is several miles north of the dunes on private land.  My understanding is you pay a small fee and sign a waiver then go for it.  Have not been there yet but it's on my list.

More on the rockcrawl (have yet to go there):

Read about it on the owner's page here (posted with their permission):

YouTube vids from Peter's Creek Rockcrawl area also available directly here:
The Big Easy

Dentz..... Mr. Dentz
Maps of the Christmas Valley Dunes in this thread (thanks AlwayswrenchN)

That's all I know right now, but it looks like a good excuse to get out for a weekend. 

Pass it on!

First trail should be called Tie Rod bender and the last should be called Shoe Horn. Good grief.

Nice find Dust Driver.

I edited the title just a bit.

Christmas Valley is HELLISH in the winter!!! .. Drilled a few water wells down there one winter and OMFG 30-50mph wind EVERYDAY with temps hitting 0 when ur lucky!! Looks like a fun place to wheel thou!!

SIDE NOTE: Think the only reason that place got the name Christmas Valley is they couldn't find any other way for people actually to go there then give it a nice pretty glitzy name LMFAO.


--- Quote from: TwiztedAgony on March 30, 2010, 10:15:33 PM ---Christmas Valley is HELLISH in the winter!!!
--- End quote ---

I know!  That's why I like going there!  :D

Getting ready to hit the road for some winter wandering with the JK and am going to try to go to this place and scout it out.  If I can, I'll post a report when/if I get home.

(Happy New Year in advance!)

There are a lot of interesting geological areas to visit out there also.  Last time we went was FREEZING also but fun.  Check out "Crack in the Ground", "Hole in the Ground", and Ft. Rock.  We looked for Derrick Cave but could not find it. Not enough time.  That place is really spread out.

Link to our trip there.


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