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I thought there was a post some where that talked about bugs. Bugs meaning on this coming July we are doing a camp out and last time I was attacked like crazy. I think it might of been my deodorant or something.

When your out camping and since its been a bazillion years what do you guys recommend. Baby powder for the arm pits? I also remember somebody saying not to use baby wipes because the odor in them attract.

What do you guys do/recommend. I like to try and stay some what fresh, but I don't want to really be fresh meat. ;)

As far as the sprays go, the Deet based ones seem to work ok.  The higher the deet concentration the better.  Personally I can't stand bug spray, makes me sticky, smelly, etc.  I normally prefer a long sleeve shirt, pants, and hat, and then stand near the fire whenever possible.

I haven't tried yet but want one is those new Off thingies U wear on ur belt around ur neck etc etc .. heard they work good but haven't tried em yet!

Is there any truth to limiting what you wear like deodorant and so on because they attract bugs? I mean I can't wear long sleeve shirts all day on the trail because it would drive me bonkers.

Bug Spray
I don't know about the deodorant being an attractant.  But the high DEET concentrated bug sprays really works.  When I went down to Rimrock last summer it was a godsend that some of my club members had an extra can.  When I was prepping for the trip to Manastash with L4J I picked up my own spay can of the stuff.  Just look for the highest concentration of DEET you can find.  It works really really well.

I'm not sure about the devices that you wear like the Off belt clip Twizted mentioned.  One thing I would wonder is that if you're walking or moving about how well would they work if they emit some kind of repellant aroma.  Where as when you spray the DEET stuff directly on your skin / clothes it's there and moves with your whole body.

Yes, it gets a little dirty when you spray on the DEET and then dust sticks to it before it dries but it's WAY better than the mosquitos.  And we had swarms of them in Rimrock that I could stand in the middle of and not be bothered by when I had the DEET sprayed on me.

Last year in Manastash and on the Rimrock run I found that some warm water and a modest sized towel (dish rag sized) did WONDERS for an end-of-day clean up.  Just warm up the water a little on the camp stove and give your hair, face, neck, and arms a good wipe down to get the dust off.  Bring 2-3 towels because for some weird reason they didn't seem to air dry much during the day.  Also, as the weekend rolls on and you keep using the towel it gets dirtier and dirtier.  It's nice to clean up with a clean towel every other day or so.

Spare Clothes
This year I might bring a spare camp shirt / shorts so that when we get back to camp for the night I can change into something that is not dusty.  It'll make the few hours before bedtime much more pleasant around camp.

Keep your tent doors zipped tightly shut at all times.  It greatly limits the bugs that get in.  I didn't do this at Rimrock figuring that if I'm not in there there would be no reason for the bugs to get in there.  Wrong.  It was kind of nasty the things that decided a tent was a nice home by the time I got back to camp at the end of the first day.  Leason learned, there after I kept the door flap firmly zipped shut.  SIGNIFICANTLY reduced bug problem.


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