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Time has come to change the diff fluids and I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on what they have used and liked? I have a 98 XJ with D30 front and 8.25 with LSD in the back.

The tag on the D44 under my XJ specifies 80/90 weight for light duty and 85/140 for heavy duty.  Of course since we both have LSD's don't forget the additive.

JMHO, but if you off road regularly or have changed out the gears...  seems like the consensus is to run with the 85/140 gear oil.

Personally I like Mobile 1 full synthetic gear oil, but I have been running the royal purple 75/140 and really like it.  Their gear oil seems to be pretty good stuff!  And (for once) it does lower temps in the diff as advertised.  You can verify it over and over with a infrared temp gun.  But you still hear lots of differing opinions on each end of the spectrum.  And the RP 75/140 can be a PITA to get locally at times.

i have been runing lockers and the royal purple and i have really liked it .It seems to last longer than any thing i have used before it

I normally just run Valvolene 80/90. I don't run a LSD diff thou and don't recall the rules as far as what you can/can't run in a LSD without the additive.

Somebody at one time told me what you can run that would act as an additive, but honestly I don't know off the top of my head. I'm sure if you called a few gear shops they would be able to tell you unless somebody here knows.

That does remind me I need to change all my fluids before July's run. ;)


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