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back in an XJ soon

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In the next week or so I will be back in an XJ. My neighbor is planning on moving to England soon and is selling me his 97 cherokee, so I will be selling the blazer.

Specs on the rig.
97 cherokee sport
7-9 inches of lift
4.88 gears
Detroit rear
trac lock front
It has a dana 35 rear with a super 35 kit and the whole works
35" BFG muds

He basicly built this thing from the rustys jeep catalog. From the roof rack, lift, front pre-runner bumper, rear swing out carrier, beefed up steering.

Picking it up for a very nice price.

Some of you have seen this rig before, he has been on a couple runs to virtue with me. I will post pics later, on my phone right now.

yj 2 xj:
you guys.... I have actually rode in this xj! infact if you look on my pics the white xj to the left of my xj is the one he is talking about! and it is sick!


yj 2 xj:
that pic doesnt do the xj justice. its so sick! ALL it needs is pinks D rings! lol

Looks like an awesome rig!

I've heard that some of the Rusty's stuff is junk.  Besides, I prefer "built" not "bought" so I may be a little bias here..


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