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I saw a listing for a Disaster Survial Gear and thought why not pass on what the contents was. I don't have one for the house and maybe I should put one together as a just in case kit. LINK

1 Back Pack Carry Bag
2 Gloves (1 Pair)
2 Dust Masks
2 Emergency Food Bricks
20 Drinking Water Packets
1 2-gal Water Bag
1 32-oz Water Bottle
1 Hand-charged Flashlight
1 AM/FM Radio w/ Head Phones
2 Batteries
2 Hand Warmer Packets
2 Reflective Emergency Blankets
2 Emergency Candles
2 Emergency Ponchos
1 Box Waterproof Matches
1 Emergency Whistle
1 Light Stick

Tools & Miscellaneous:
1 Folding Saw
1 Multifunctional Tool
1 Hammer w/ Tools In Handle
1 Phillips Screw Driver
1 Standard Screw Driver
10 Cable Ties
1 Folding Shovel w/ Sheath
1 Roll Duct Tape
1 PVC Tape
4 Plastic Moisture Resistant Containers
3 Trash Bags

First Aid & Personal Items:
102 Pieces of First Aid
1 Instant Cold Pack
1 Reading Light
4 Sanitary Pads
2 Tissue Packs
1 Hand Sanitizer
1 Shampoo
1 Conditioner
1 Shower Gel
1 Lotion
2 Dental Kits
1 Shave Kit

where are the guns.......?

In their Holsters. If I need to put them on a list you are more lost than I thought.

Not bad for $120. 

Except for the shower stuff, if I'm allowed to substitute a few items (like rain coats vs rain ponchos), I can honestly say I've currently got all that stuff (and then some) in the back of the Jeep.  Probably ought to start putting together a kit for the truck though.  :driving


--- Quote from: kizer on March 01, 2011, 10:49:24 PM ---In their Holsters. If I need to put them on a list you are more lost than I thought.

--- End quote ---

LOL, some have said that I am lost.............but as you probably know, guns would be first on my list.  And they are on top for two reasons.......self defense is number one and we all know that we need to defend ourselves during disasters and two would be for food.


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