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11. Common Terms and Phrases


A list of common terms and acronyms:

CCV - Crank Case Ventilation.
CPS - Crank Position Sensor.
MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure
NSS - Neutral Safety Switch (found on Auto tranny's).
O2 - Oxygen sensor.
TPS - Throttle Position Sensor.
TCU - Transmission Control Unit.

*Steering & Suspension
AAL - Refers to Add A Leaf, placed in the factory leaf pack to achieve lift.
BB - Refers to Budget Boost, Also called a spacer or puck lift. Usually only increases of 1-2 inches of lift.
Caster - Refers to forward or rearward tilt of the steering knuckle from vertical
Camber - Refers to inward or outward tilt of the wheel relative to the center of the vehicle
Drag Link - the bar connected to the pitman arm and the passenger side steering knuckle (drivers side knuckle on RHD jeeps)
DPA - Refers to dropped pitman arm
LCA - lower control arms. These are the suspension arms that attach to the bottom of the axle.
LHD - left hand drive (steering wheel is on the left)
OME - Refers to Old Man Emu, off-road accessory manufacturer.
Pitman Arm - Refers to arm that attaches the Steering box to drag link.
RHD - right hand drive (steering wheel is on the right)
SOA - Refers to a Spring Over Axle conversion
Steering Stabilizer - This units is the small shock on the front suspension that helps buffer the vibration and travel of the front suspension.
Sway Bars (AKA - Anti-Sway Bars) - Tubular bars on the front and rear that tie into the axles, that help stabilize vehicle on turns.
Sway Bar Disconnects (AKA - Discos) - these are after-market units that replace the factory sway bar mounts. These are used to release the sway bar much quicker and easier to allow for more articulation offroad.
Trac Bar - this is a bar that attaches to the axle and the body and keeps the suspension from moving side to side.
TRE - tie rod end .
UCA - upper control arms. These are the suspension arms that attach to the top of the axle.
Wheel Hubs - These are basically the front sealed wheel bearings. They have to be completely replaced because they can't be rebuilt.

Cap and Rotor - Refers to Distributor cap and rotor inside cap.
Cat - Refers to a Catalytic Converter that is located before the muffler on a exhaust system.
Cat-Back Exhaust - aftermarket exhaust replacing everything after the catalytic converter.
Cold air Intake - Term used for a replacement intake system for the TB. Usually consisting of a smoother tube for better air flow in combination with a higher flowing air filter.
CV - Constant Velocity Joint.
D30 - refers to a Dana 30.
D35 - refers to a earlier factory assembled Dana 35.
D35C - refers to a Dana 35 Custom rear axle, that was pre-assembled before shipped to factory.
D44 - refers to a Dana 44 axle.
Diff - this is in reffrence to the differential on the axle. Also called a Pumpkin.
Double Cardan Joint - This is basically a back to back U joint setup that allows for more angles in the drive shaft.
EFI - Refers to Electronic Fuel Injection.
Header - Refers to Exhaust Header. Used to channel exhaust from manifold to exhaust pipe.
Locker - A traction adder like a LSD, just always on when driving straight. Most will disengage when wheels are turned.
LSD - Limitted Slip Differential is a traction adder that engages power to both rear wheels in cases where both are slipping. Is not always on.
MPI - Multiport Fuel Injection.
OBDII - Second generation On Board Diagnostics, more complicated, found in 96+ vehicles (hence all TJ's). Port under steering wheel under dash for Scanner plug in.
SYE - Slip Yoke Eliminator.
TB - Throttle Body
TC - Transfer Case. This unit engages or disengages the front drive shaft via a shift fork and chain drive.
TC Drop kit - Spacer used to lower TC to reduce Vibration when lift is installed to improve drive shaft angles in relation to the axles.
Trac lock - The factory option Limited Slip Differential.
Ujoint - refers to Universal Joint at the joined ends of the axles (front) and drive shafts (front and rear).

BS - Back Spacing, refers to wheel hub in relation to out edge of rim.
BFH - big...uh...freaking hammer
COG - center of gravity
DW - Refers to term Death Wobble. Usually violent shaking of front end while driving 30+mph.
FSM - Factory Service Manual
Flex (aka "articulation") - suspension travel usually when one wheel is drooping down and the other wheel on the axle is "stuffed" or pushed up into the wheel-well.
Hack -N-Tap - Rubicon Express cut and tap budget SYE kit.
OEM - Refers to Original Equipment Manufacturer.
Open Element Filter - Term used for a cone or cylinder shaped air filter that is not shielded under the hood. These are used in place of the factory air box.


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