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like a pet that came to you already named, we recieved a new project today named Ted who will be ressurected...

plans for ted include 35" mtrs

this project is for my wife who is really getting into driving offroad now. she wheeled my tj in moab this week along with an xj on 33" tires...

ted needs a little help:
needs engine, battery, security system adjustment, suspension etc.. right now he is plenty dead but has a lot of potential for coming back to the living. he's got a great body and i am sure i can figure the rest out.

d-30 non disco. 8.25 rear - aw4 and weird cherokee t-case. all power options...

we will probably get off to a semi slow beginning but i wanted to get him out here for comments and suggestions from our community here.

XJs are sort of a mystery from the fire wall back to me. maybe some suggestions of suspension tips pitfalls etc and quirky wiring stuff...

i cannot wait to begn this project btw...

i think i will kind of keep a rolling documentation going on here... it will help me stay organized and will keep anyone up to date on whatever is going on. i did a perliminary inspection under the hood and found:

no water
oil looks okay
brake line repair needed
atf beyond full and brown
cap/rotor good
spark plug wires good
hoses assumed good
serpentine belt good
#3 spark plug nasty
all others good
spark plugs gapped incorrectly
main bearing leak
air cleaner element good
radiator loose

1/2" i.d. hose from valve cover to air cleaner
battery clamps
anti freeze.

i might not get to give much attention in the next few weeks... bummer.

after thought would be to clean the throttle body too... easily done and freeish...

Nice, loose the wheels 1st thing

Looks like you are going to have your hands full with this project. I agree those wheels gotta go

I like the wheels the best!
Since I pretty much am going to do everything over, all I really need is a good body anyways :) Ted definitely has that. Even if his wheels act as vagina repellant


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