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UGH .. Still won't start need some ideas!!

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This is my 1999 Jeep Cherokee with a 4.0L/AW4/np231!!

OK .. my fuel pump went out, so I replaced it and it ran fine for a few days to a week, then it started dying randomly or felt randomly, well it died at the gas station here in Union so I towed it home (6 blocks) .. hasn't started since!!

OK .. so I redo the fuel pump still won't start, I check if I am getting fuel at the rail and I AM plenty of fuel probably 3x more then my 97 Grand Cherokee with same engine!! (I have no way to test PSI on the fuel rail) and I can hear the fuel injectors firing!! Just to make sure its still not fuel I have sprayed starting fluid in the throttle body and still won't start .. so fuel is out I am thinking!!

I move on to spark.. I know its not the ASD (auto shut down relay) because the Fuel pump IS coming on and the fuel injectors are firing .. I check the MAP sensor, supposedly you can unplug it and it will start if its bad, doesn't start, so I move on .. I replaced the cap/rotor/wires .. still won't start!!

This is where I am at .. wtf can it be?

Will the CPS kill the spark if it went out and doesn't see the flywheel spinning?

Only other thing I can think of is the distributor anyone ever here of one going out like that?


Thx in advance

Is it throwing any codes?  If not my guess would be the CPS (crank position sensor) located behind the block above the bell housing if I recall?  Sharon's XJ was intermittent too and after replacing everything else (or so it seemed) I finally replaced that and it's never shut down since.  That's been a couple of years now.  Just a thought.

So you do not state if you are getting spark? Let me know and we can easily go from there.

NO .. no spark .. sorry for not making that more clear!

EDIT: Sorry for late reply .. wife made me eat something .. LMFAO!

CPS is very common problem. and fairly cheap


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