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Tis That Time of Year


As the title of this Topic suggests. Its that time of year when we all start scrambling around to be with family and start thinking of the colder months. Normally I don't post this kind of stuff because we all have our own lives and our own ways of doing things. However, ....................

I was more or less awaken by my 6year old boy. I drive him to school every day and on the way out I found him in the pantry grabbing cans off the shelves. He was stuffing them in his backpack. I know he wasn't hungry and I know they provide food at school so I had to ask, "Matt what are you doing with those cans of Soup?" He replied "There are poor people in the world that don't have much to eat and I know you don't like that soup so I want to feed some poor kids." Of course I let him take a few cans of the soup I don't like and as well grab a couple cans of peas and corn.

We had a little discussion about how there are poor people in the world and how some don't get to be with their families because of distance or simply because they can't afford to drive, fly or take the bus. He was rather sad because in his mind family is everything and couldn't imagine not being able to see a member. Of course he realizes that thats just the way it is.

My boy knowing that we have a website asked that if you can give a couple cans of soup or chili that you don't like anyways if you could donate it to a group that will help feed poor people for ThanksGiving or Christmas since it only happens once a year.

Anyways there was my official ask for him. Also keep in mind the weather is turning cold and if you haven't done your winter checks you better get on them now.
- Radiator
- Oil Change
- Front/Rear Gear Lubes
- Transmission
- Transfercase
- De-icer in your windshield washer fluid. You wouldn't believe how fast that stuff sells out when the snow and ice hit.
- Windshield Wiper Blades
- Tires. Check them and make sure you have enough tread and keep in mind as the temp gets colder your tire pressure constantly changes.
- Get your ice scrapers out and have them handy

This is great advice, both your son's and your vehicle reminders. We have a Food Bank here in Texas and we donate to it regularly. It just seems like the right thing to do. We, as Americans, have an abundance and it seldome crosses our mind that there are those in our country who are struggling to feed their loved ones. We need to do more and do it frequently.


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