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Can I have it?

Only if you can afford to have a 30 year mortgage...........!

Wife loved it till she heard the price .... Would be fun to drive once in a great while but I like to hit mountain/logging roads on a whim hence why even my wife is forced to have a Jeep, so it would be useless to me after a while!!

Got to hand it to Jeep and Hennessey thou .. looks fast as hell just sitting there .. not a real easy task with a Jeep!! Great looking Jeep from factory an the lil bit of lowering and wheels/tires make a huge difference!! Some of the stuff it says Hennessey added thou comes on the 2012 SRT8 from Jeep like the Brembo brakes for instance.

That is very cool but.......  How the hell are you going to justify buying a Jeep for that price when you could get an actual sports car?  I think the $60k price tag on a normal SRT8 is ridiculous.  How can they justify almost 4 times that for the Hennessey?

As much as I love lowered jeeps... I'm with ed on this one.


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