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Help Wanted to install cage Mar.24-25

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I would like to get my cage put in the Jeep. I will provide food and drink.  Going to try and do it Mar. 24-25th weather permitting.


Wish you were closer .. I'd be down if you were .. good luck with it!!

I can probably make it with the wife and kids. This would also be a great time for me to re-file as a club member :)
Do you need anything special brought like bring your own welding helmet or tools?

I'm not sure, but Make sure you look at your bolting. Last I checked I had those annoying Safety Torx Bits on my 00.

Thanks Lyman I think I got what we need.  An extra welding helmet and gloves might be good and maybe some big fabrication magnets if you got any. 
I'm sure the wife and kids will have fun too ;)
Thanks for heads up Kizer.


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