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Author Topic: Air intake box bolts.... 3 or 4?  (Read 604 times) Share

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    Air intake box bolts.... 3 or 4?
    « on: April 29, 2012, 11:51:18 AM »
    I was replacing my air filter and noticed my air intake box was not bolted down. Apparently, the guys at the shop removed it to replace my shocks and forgot to screw it back in. Three bolts were just hanging there without any nuts. I found some replacement nuts, but I see one of the holes at the bottom of the air intake box is slightly smaller than the other 3. Does anyone know if that hole is supposed to be left open? It doesn't really screw into anything like the other 3 holes that screw into the body. Should I leave it open or should I plug it up? I sometimes wheel in deep water and never had a problem with water getting into there. But I can't remember if it was open before or not. Thanks!
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