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Author Topic: Affiliates  (Read 9300 times)

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    « on: December 24, 2003, 01:26:42 AM »
    What is an Affiliate?

    An Affiliate is a link parter that has provided a return link back to on their site. Basically you are sharing links on seperate pages advertising for each other.

    In order for the link to work a member would submit a site and then inform me they have provided a link back to In each link there is a display link, which would provide the parter with the code, which is simular to this, of course your id=xxx would be different.
    Code: [Select]
    The code will then track every click coming to Each click will be counted and will be rated in all of the affiliates. The Top 10 are placed on the main page in order of link clicks in. After an Affiliate is the lowest he/she will be removed from the main page, but will still have top standings in their category.

    What are the advantages of being an Affiliate?
    • Main page presence.
    • Top of category listing, under a hotlink.
    What are the advantages of for
    • A presence on other sites creating more return traffic