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Washington - Reiter Pit - WIP



All the way points on the map are actual intersections on the trail. I just can't believe how many side roads and other small brakes.

If anybody is interested in what I have done just drop me a PM or give this URL a try.

Black lines are paved roads
Brown lines are dirt roads and access trails
Dashed Blue lines are trails.

Now when you download the files they will be in separate tracks so you will have to do whatever you need to do. However I did label each way point that applies.

Cool, Kizer.

I gotta get off my digital butt and post up my .tpo TOPO file for people to run the conversion on if they want.  You're right, there are a ton of side trails but I think they loop off into the woods for about 50-100 ft and then return to the main trail.

Or, like the one across from the massive rock wall climb that I could get up the start of.  I think that paralleled the main road for about 400-600 ft then returned to it.

Id like to take a peak at yours. For some reason my GPS stopped in two spots and well no sense in not just over laying yours over it. ;)


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