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After my last couple of outings I've decided that broken lims are a very real possibility.   People were falling over left and right, and I even managed to run over my dad's leg:

I think the next time I'm at REI I'm going to pick up a full size one of these: sam splints.  Basically it's a large sheet of alumuminum sandwiched between 2 pieces of foam.  I already have a few of the smaller finger sized ones stashed away in my Jeep in case of Hi-Lift injuries (I've already had a few close calls in this area)  I've been pretty impressed with the small ones, but hopefully I'll be able to do a simulated writeup on the full sized splints in the near future.

Finger sized:

Full sized:

These look really nice.

i carry the larger sam splint plus a lot of other stuff. i have a few things you might not normally see in a regular first aid kit :D


--- Quote from: T.Dome on January 10, 2008, 11:30:27 AM ---i have a few things you might not normally see in a regular first aid kit :D

--- End quote ---

What ya got?  I'm always trying to find obscure "worst case scenario" items to toss in the back of my Jeep.  So far my favorite is super glue, it's like JB-Weld for people ;)

ahh yes! dermabond. i think it was meant for this to begin with.

i have stuff like sutures... big nasty needled ones :)

i also have a dental kit. loosing a filling or crown on the trail is not so good. this will help cover exposed nerves or close off a broken tooth temporarily.

all kinds of stuff in there


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