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The Reiter Trails Map is finished.  Done.  Finito!

see below for larger images

The Map
The map itself is a 2 page, high-resolution 300 dpi PDF file designed for 11" x 17" paper.  It is 5.2 MB so it's not super small but it's a compressed PDF (which is smaller than it's 40 MB uncompressed size).  I've done several test prints to optimize the color and resolution and balance them against the file size.  I don't know how to post up such a large file here.  Until I figure it out, just follow the link:

Click Here to Get Reiter Trails Map.
(Look in "Map" folder)
Because of the physical size (11x17) it may be necessary for some to take the file down to Kinkos, Office Depot or other print place where they have larger format printers.  Most of these places can also laminate the map for about $1-2.  A hassle but worth it for the map.

Alternatively, you can also "scale to print media" or "scale to paper" and print the map on 8.5" x 11" paper, though it'll be more difficult to read.  But it's possible.

Map Contents and Features
The map contains several features.  In addition to the information content it is designed so that if folded into 4 segment (accordian like) the map title will be visible.  The 11x17 size is large enough to clearly show Reiter Trails but not too large as to be difficult to handle in a rig.  The main map of the area is on the front with additional information on the back to maintain clarity of the map.  Specifics:

Front of Map

* The base topographic map image w/ contour shading
* 4x4 trails, gravel roads, and paved roads indicated and GPS mapped
* An enlarged portion of the lower Powerline Trail for clarity
* 4x4 trails are numbered which correspond to index on back of map
* Icons and a legend denoting points of interest (parking, camping, etc.)
* Scale
* North arrow
Back of Map

* Trail index listing trail name, number, length and difficulty (approx.)
* GPS waypoint coordinates for the main staging area, upper sign and Index overlook
* 3D Terrain Model of the Reiter Trails area
* Reiter Trails overview description (describing the trail network)
* Directions to Reiter Trails
* Trail Narratives describing the main trails (Lk Isabel, Index, Powerline, Rock Garden, etc.)
* An elevation profile for the Lk Isabel trail (graph)
* [*]Some photos of different areas around Reiter Trails

Map Pages
Here are images of the front and back of the map.  These are significantly lower-resolution images intended for web viewing only.  Download the PDF for a 5X higher resolution map.

Front of Map

Back of Map
Down below is a GPX file of the map system.

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Wow, thats awesome man. I cant wait to use it. Now your getting me jazzed about creating a Wheeling Area for this kind of stuff. Thats very professional looking. I bet you even created it on your mac too. ;)

 :laugh:  Yup.  Done on a Mac.

Say, where can I send you the TOPO! GPS files?  Just e-mail them to you?  Or can I attach them to this thread some how and then the thread can be a sticky?

Likewise.  Where/how can I post up the PDF map file?

Sure I'll sticky it and will make the files available here. I'll PM you.

Added a GPX file to his original post for those who want the map.


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