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Walker ValleyLast updated Feb 16, 2008
Over view:
Tight trails that wind in and out of trees. Small rock piles and steep climbs.

Here is a google map that is pretty easily to under stand. Walker Valley ORV

- Often we meet prior to arrival or visit the Shell gas station for a last minute fill up at Exit 221 on the East side of the Freeway
- On the map there is a Rest Room area is where I like to air up
- Open Area where we often air down and disconnect
- Rocky Entrance, which for some can be a little denting to your rig..

Printable PDF map 8-inch x 14-inch / 3 meg file

Permits / Fees
Not Required

None Known

Trail Conditions
Mixed bag when it comes to terrian. Its very Dusty in the summer and very muddy in winter. Various areas of piled rock and step inclines.

Trail Photos

Rock Gate Entrance

Typical trail. Winding around between trees trying to avoid braking your mirrors off.

Many spots where you must climb up and through old tree stumps where the trees have been logged many years before.

This is a photo from near Upper Expressway. Its an odd spot on the trail. You drop down one way and all of the sudden you switch back and have to drop another way. Its pretty easy on a dry day, but when its pounding down rain it makes for a slipperly and sloshy drive.

More and more Trees.

Trail Videos:

Please share your links, videos and photos about this area.


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