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Tillamook State Forest OHV AreaLast Updated 5/27/08
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The Tillamook State Forest OHV Area (TSF for short) is a very versatile Jeep’n spot.  TSF features all kinds of terrain ranging from gravel roads to rock gardens, and being located in the Pacific North West it changes dramatically with the season.  During the summer TSF is normally pretty dry allowing for some slow and controlled rock crawl’n.  In the spring and fall the difficulty level is stepped up a notch with the seasonal rain and the trails can become quite slippery.  In the winter, snow is not uncommon making even the easier trails seem difficult.

One of the best things about TSF lies in how its trails are constructed.  The trails are built with multiple lines making it possible for even stock Jeeps to go on a trail run side by side with the built ones.  I can say with confidence that with a skilled driver, decent spotter, or both, you can easily take a stock Jeep through most of the trails at TSF.  That isn’t to say that the trails are easy, quite to the contrary they can be as difficult as you want to make them ;)

Staging Area: Follow State Highway 6 west from Forest Grove to the summit, milepost 33, and turn south on Beaver Dam Road. Follow the signs to Browns camp or Rogers Camp.

Common Meeting Places: Chevron On Cornelius Pass Road, Chevron On Glencoe Road

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Permits / Fees:
Oregon ATV Permit required on all off-highway vehicles (see State of Oregon: Oregon Parks and Recreation Department: ATVs for more information).  Permits from other states are generally honored in Oregon. / No other fees.

Seasonal Closures:
TSF remains open year round with a few seasonal trail closures to prevent trail erosion during the winter.

Click Here for official trail closure information

Trail Conditions:
Mudy / Snowy in the winter with some rocks depending on the trail.  Depending on snow levels even the green trails can present quite a challenge during the winter months.  In the summer the trails dry up and you can take a nearly stock rig through just about any of the trails by picking the easy lines and having a good spotter. 

Trail Descriptions
Cedar Tree:  Cedar Tree is a long windy trail with plenty of ups and downs.  It is a great trail for beginners and those who just want a nice drive through the woods, it is not challenging but still a fun trail to run. Cedar Tree's trail head is located at N45 35.111 W123 22.491

One fun thing to note about Cedar Tree is the oportunity to take a picture of your jeep underneath a fallen tree :)
Archer's Firebreak:  Archer's is a long trail over rolling hills with several short obstacles including Can Opener, Waterfall, Rocky Uphill, and a few other smaller attractions.  When this trail is dry it can easily be ran by nearly stock jeeps (30" tire or larger recommended) but a spotter will be needed for Rocky Down Hill and Water Fall.  Can Opener is an obstacle that either requires a lot of skill or a pretty well built rig.  Alternatively there are gravel road bypasses around both Can Opener and Water Fall.

One of the Harder lines on Waterfall:

Hogs Back: Hogs back is a tight trail with lots of sharp corners. The terrain is not difficult but, making it through this trail without having to back up to turn a corner can be challenging, especially if you have a long wheel base or a wider rig.  At the beginning of Hogs back there is short but fun hill to climb, especially when it's wet or snowy.  Hogs Back is located at N45 33.577 W123 26.275

Here is a video of the hill at the beggining of Hogs Back
[youtube] Rio on Hog's Back[/youtube]
Firebreak 5: Firebreak 5 is one of my favorite trails at TSF and probably the park's most popular trail as well.  FB5 is a very well rounded with many different lines offering a challenge for both stock built Jeeps alike.  It is not as long as Archers or Cedar Tree, however, it probably has the longest technical section of the entire park.  For example Archers features some very technical sections, but between those spots there is a fair amount of non-technical dirt-roading.  As well there is an excellent rock garden located at about the midpoint of FB5.  This garden starts out easy, and gradually gets harder as you go along, to top things off this garden parallels a gravel road so you can bail out at any time.  Footage from this rock garden can be found in the below video titled "TSF in mid December (2007)"

Trail Videos
TSF in mid December (2007) with footage from the rock garden on Fire Break 5, Can Opener, and Waterfall. Not much snow but but it was pretty muddy
[youtube] TSF 12-15-07[/youtube]

TSF in early January (2008)  This video shows how snowy TSF can get in the winter.  I would not considder this to be typical for all of the winter months, but it is not out of the question.
[youtube] TSF 12-29-07[/youtube]

TSF in the Summer:  The trails are dry, dusty, and can be made easy if you choose the proper lines (The green jeep with the light bar was nearly stock when this video was made)  Trails featured are Fire Break 5, hogs back, and a few others.
[youtube] L4J Jeep'n in TSF[/youtube]

Usefull Links:
Official Map of TSF OHV Area
Amature GPS data from TSF
Official trail closure information
Map of meeting places main staging area

This is a work in Progress and hopefully will be updated soon,


Is there a way to place "Rocky Uphill" on the map?

Place it on the google map?  I'll work on that when I get home from school.  For now here's rocky uphill's coordinates: N45 34.177 W123 28.547


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