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Submitting a link


Submitting a link is rather easy.
[*]Simply enter a category that best matches your link.
[*]Click on submit link
[*]Fill in the title.
[*]Fill in the URL
[*]Fill in the Description. Remember the better the description the better the chances somebody will find what they are looking for.
[*]Type of link. Here is a good explination of them.  Use your right mouse "open in new window" so you dont loose this place. Here
[*]Fill in the Reciprocal Link URL: Only if you are submitting a Reciprocal link.
[*]Your E-mail: Only if you want to be notified your link was approved or rejected.
[*]Attach File: They can be downloaded with any browser, however only .JPG's can be embeded.[/list]Worst case just look for the required symbol of *

Prior to submitting your link. Double check all of the contents to make sure its what you want displayed because if its incorrect it will not be verified however the Title, Category and URL will be checked prior to acceptance.

When you submit your website remember that you can submit each and every writeup or other topics of inportance so others can benifit as well  your site will get more exposure.


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