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One of the OBH folks posted this and I think it's worth taking a look at for everyone to reflect on why we try and do things right...including using decent quality recovery (not tow) straps when wheelin'.  I'm not sure of all the details other than this, but certainly it can happen to us.


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Wow, I'm at a loss for words on that one. I think I'd hang it up if I was on the tugging side and I lost a buddy because of a tow strap. Or in this case a tow rope.

I'm guessing there was probably several things that went wrong on that one such as the area he was driving on and knowing when to say "Dude your Jeep is a goner" However if you don't try and save it then well you will never know if you could of saved it. Sad price to pay for a vehicle thou.

wow, that is sad to see something like that.  Things can change in the blink of an eye out there.  Thanks for posting it... 

Yeah, normally when I think of tow straps breaking I imagine D-Rings getting thrown around like cannon balls.  Until now, the thought of a strap breaking and dropping a Jeep off of a cliff has rarely entered my mind :dontknow

I was just thinking about when I used to climb pretty regularly.  The anchor systems we built had 2-3 redunant components in them, so if one gave, the others were there.  Usually the weight on the anchor points was equalized, so you wouldn't really notice a jolt if one broke, at least that was the idea.

I have only seen a handful of times were multiple straps were on a rig, but it kinda makes you think a little.


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