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How to attach an image to the forum


Everybody likes to share photos of things so I thought it would be best to create a little howto just incase there is some confusion.

Most people have photo storage accounts like the following:

To post photos with any of the various sites you would use the following button   or you can use the following
--- Code: ---[img]http://www.Url_to_your_image.com/image_name.jpg
--- End code ---

Lets pretend your images are to large you can use this site which is free to reduce your images sizes. Picnik - edit photos the easy way, online in your browser

Lets pretend you do not have a place to host your images so this is where this section comes in.
Currently we have two methods of attaching images to the forum. Meaning you can add and image via the forum software opposed to logging into a remote site.

First off you must click on the REPLY Button to open up the image attachment dialog like so.

Then you must decide. Do you upload the image directly to Links4Jeeps.com for hosting or do you use ImageShack. There are Pro's and Con's to either method.

+Image Shack doesn't use any of the resources of Links4Jeeps
-Image Shack uses a reduced thumbnail size with their popups
+Image Shack files will not be deleted when Links4jeeps resources are low
-Image Shack requires some Cut and Pasting to post images
-Links4Jeeps uses space on our server
+Links4jeeps has a larger thumbnail with no popups
-Links4Jeeps files can be deleted when our site resources are lower
+Links4jeeps does not require any cut and pasting to attach an image

Anyways it doesn't matter which you choose, but feel free to use either one.


Image Shack Method:

Pick your image by using the browse button followed by the host it button.

High light and copy the Thumbnail for Forum (1)

Paste the code into the reply window

Hit the post button and your done


Using the attachment mod on Links4jeeps.com:

Click on the Additional Options URL

Browse and pick your image

Maybe you want to post more than one Image, use the More attachements URL

After you click post your image is posted in a viewable Thumbnail

Click on the thumbnail for a larger Image to view

yj 2 xj:
THANKS IT HELPED ME OUT.... and im sure others as well.... they just dont say anything..

Just remember there are 3 methods listed up above.
One is you have a file hosted elsewhere
Second you have a file and its huge and want ImageShack to host it
Third you have an image and its 500x500 and want us to host it.

I often of course use all 3 depending on what I'm posting. ;)

Kizer, were can I find info on that little Jeep trailer in your picture??  That looks awesome!


--- Quote from: brentCJ7 on August 12, 2009, 11:37:17 PM ---Kizer, were can I find info on that little Jeep trailer in your picture??  That looks awesome!

--- End quote ---

Uh, I think it was on JeepForum, but I'm not 100% sure. I'll see if I can find it for you.


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