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Tired of using news paper and other means and working at getting a fire going? I came up with a surefire way of getting a fire going even if your kindling is a little wet. It's fairly cheap, and very easy. save your old egg cartons, go to the craft store and get a chunk of pariffin wax, get some wood chips, you can find them for hampsters cages or I grab a handfull from my chainsaw shavings when I use that. Cut individual cups out of the egg cartons, fill them with wood chips, melt the wax and then pour the wax over the egg cup woodchip. Soak em good with wax. The egg cups and wood chips will soak up alot of wax. Soak em good!!! let em cool. I have been making these for years now. They will burn on their own for about 12-20 minutes depending on how well it was made. And they burn good and hot. i haven't failed to get a good burning fire going yet. Basically all you have to do is light the cup, stack your wood smallest to largest around the cup and let it do it's job. A few things I suggest in making these is an old cooking pot for melting the wax, and some wax paper. Making these can be really messy. But give it a shot and let me know how it worked for you. Feel free to ask any questions!!! 0llll0....I'll post a picture when i can!

Yeah, those things are awesome.  I've actually had pretty good luck buying off season candles at K-mart.  Last one I bought was discounted about 80%.  Pretty cheap wax, only downside is your campfire will start out smelling like martha stewart's linnen closet ;)

We made those back when I was in boy scouts and I still do.

guess Im not as inventive as I thought!! I got the idea from a cup of wax and woodchips they were selling at some sportmans place. I tried em and they worked great so I decided to make my own

LOL, I was amazed at Rio's fire starters this year at Virtue.  They really work good.......


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