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Great now I'm going to find my self outside turing to catch corn chips on fire and trying to lite up cotton balls and vaseline.

Another cheap easy fire starter is steel wool and 9volt battery, though not effective on wetter kindling.  Also you don't have to try and explain the vaseline to your buddies.

I've often just bought some fire starter tabs from Safeway.  Usually come 12 or 24 to a pack, each tab is about 1" cubed, the whole pack cost ~$4.  Easy to light and they stay flaming for about 10-15 minutes.  They're used to help start charcoal BBQ grills.  I find one or two work great for starting camp fires, even with decent size logs.  No need for kindling at all.

Cheap, easy, no mess.

There were also some "presto log" firestarter products I've used in the past.  They're like the center of a fig newton in color.  A bit firmer, and about 4-5" long, and almost, but not quite as sticky.  Usually sold in packs of 4-6 for a couple bucks. 

I also recently found s carton of those mini-stove fuel pellets.  Basically the same thing as the firestarter tabs I got at safeway but designed for fit small pocket stoves.  They're probably more costly than the Safeway fire starter tabs but I have them.  When I eventually use them up I'll switch back to the regular charcoal fire starter tabs.


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