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Wheeling - Lessons Learned?


Ok, heres the thread to discuss lessons learned on the trail. Don't be shy because your one shot of stupidity is useful knowledge to somebody else.

I'll go first.
I'm leading down a hill at Reiter Pit near Monroe Washington.

We all come to a drop where we all went up earlier. Of course on the way up you have to do a little bump to climb up on the passenger side. I approach the drop and decided to bump it on the drivers side. Not realizing I do not have 8 feet of flex I started to tip over.

Never and I mean never assume your rig can just do it. I had a revalation while sitting there on the brakes and 15 guys scrambling around to keep me from roll two different ways. Maybe that wasn't a good idea. I should of thought it out a bit more and since I knew my Jeep couldn't do it why did I think it would magically work?

I've had one of those "revelations" before but it was in my yota. Out playing in the sand, my buddy in a ranger jumps a little hill, "I can do better than that" hit a 3-4' sand hill that table topped off at about 45mph. I had that "uh this was stupid" when my tires were 10 feet in the air. Luckily I didn't wreck or even break anything, just stuffed my passenger side fender into its self.


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