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I know I posted this long time ago some where and recently I had somebody ask me where I got mine.


Prices are what the prices are, but that includes the shirt and the printing. Of course there will be some shipping and handling which everybody charges. There are absolutely no markups on anything because when I created the site I'd guess 2 or 3 years ago I didn't want to make a profit just give people the opportunity to well show their colors if they chose to.

I personally have the white T-shirt and the grey sweat shirt/hoodie. They are both made by hanes are are the beefy material. At least I think they used the word beef on the tag. ;)

The reason I'm posting this up honestly is I was looking at my hoodie and realized man its dirty looking because of all the stains and tried to wash it, but its just time to replace it with another.

I've used Cafe Press in the past too, they sell really nice quality stuff.

i got the yellow t-shirt. it's ba-dass!

I have a hat, thanks Kizer

Somebody asked me why isn't this displayed more obvious in the site. Well I had to do a search for it myself and found it in the Comments, help section. hahahaha

I guess I stickied this long time ago and totally forgot about it.

Anyways I just discovered you can get hoodies with zippers for men and women so I added them as a selection and it looks like they long sleeve tee-shirts unless they have always had them and some water bottles.


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