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Just got back from climbing the South Sister.  At 10,358 feet, the south sister is the third highest peak in Oregon, and also home to the largest glacier and highest lake in Oregon.

Trailhead shot at Devils Lake campground (5,444 feet) at 5am.   Figured this way the snow would still be frozen and easier to walk on.

Just above the tree line at about 6am:

The final push for the summit:

Griff and I standing on (what we're pretty sure is) the largest glacier in Oregon.  Not quite at the summit yet, we're actually in the crater at the top of the mountain, the true summit is about 50ft above us:

View from the summit: the Middle and North sisters, Jefferson, and Hood.  At the bottom are chambers lakes, where I camped while back packing last year:

Griff and I at the summit at 8am... or well, as close as we could get for the picture, camera timer wasn't long enough for me to climb to the top... The hike up was quite pleasant, took us roughly 3 hours to cover 6.5 miles and gain 5,000 feet of elevation, and there was hardly any trail traffic at all on the way up.

However, on the way back down, we must have passed at least 250 hikers.  Good thing we got that early start, would have hated to of been stuck hiking up in those slow moving crowds!

As I mentioned earlier, the South Sister is home to the highest lake in Oregon.  Griff and I were on swim team together in high school, and are both working at the local pool for the summer, so the temptation to say that we've swam in the highest lake in Oregon was just too much to resist.  So on our way back down we decided to go for it.  Turns out this lake was a pretty popular spot for hikers to stop and rest.   We ended up with an audience of at least 50 people watching from the ridge above us, so once we started stripping down it was too late to back out.  The plan was to set the timer on the camera, run out there, float until the camera went off, then run back to my towel.  I hit the button, we let out a battle cry and dove into the lake, turns out this time the camera timer was a bit on the slow side... so instead we got a picture of me swimming and yelling "Wait Griff, the camera hasn't gone off yet!" while Griff's running away screaming "it's too cold, it's too cold!"  After we got out, someone volunteered to re-take the picture, but one dip in that lake was more than enough for one day.

Good times!! How long did it take to get to the top?

About three hours up.  Not sure about going down, spent a bit of time talking to people and going for a swim.

Thats awsome. Never been on that hike. I always tell myself im getting out for some more hikes and packing trips this year, and it never happens. I say the same thing every year lol



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