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Advertising on
Most visibility package -- $20 per month up front
Fixed 150x100 banner on the right side of the:
1. Main page
2. Links page
3. Random rotation of a 468x60 banner at the top of each page through out the site.

Do you want to sponsor a contest? Its easy. You pay the $20 for the "Most visibility package" and we do all the hosting. Simply put up a product for a winning product and we can work out the details of the contest. For the month of September we had a Caption contest in which the winner won a $100 gift certificate from the sponsor. We emailed all of our members, placed their banner all over the site and let our sister sites know the contest was going on. Can you think of a better way to get your name out there? You win and so does the lucky contestant.

Free services

A. Link Partners
Any site interested in being a link partner is welcome. A link partner simply places a banner on their website to Along with the link there is some special code that is used to track inbound hits to The Top 10 listed link partners with at least 20 in bound hits per month will hold a premium banner placement 468x60 on the:
1. Main page
2. Links page

Also on the front page the top Link partners will hold a text link directed towards their site. Link partners who do not send link traffic on a normal basis will simply be deleted. As well link partners will be placed in their category of choice. Businesses will be placed in the products category. Businesses who do not send at an average of 30 inbound hits per month will have to be renegotiated or deleted. A link partnership is not a way to be listed for free without any work. Inbound traffic to Links4Jeeps not only promotes, but as well all other links listed.

B. Forum
Sponsors without a forum are provided with a forum section of their own to help promote their business. Sponsors are encouraged to take advantage of this option. This option will enable visitors and other forum members to interact with sponsor as well it provides each sponsor with a place to show off new products and services.

Contact us anytime to set something up.
Want to know what are average traffic looks like? This is as of 8-14-2004 as well its counts have been off, but contact us and we can give you a more accurate traffic pattern.

Visit our sponsor Discount Jeep
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