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Links Writeups

A while back it I started doing a few writeups and I tried to place them in a logical order on the front page and some more. Soon afterwards there were to many to display on the front page. Soon afterwards they where burried in the links database and it became rather hard for others to find the ones that Links4Jeeps specifically wrote. Below you will find a breakdown in order of category type. If you would like to contribute a writeup for us to host as well as some html coding let kizer know in the forum
Air, Armor, Axles and Diffs, Brakes, CBs, Electrical, Engine, Exterior Body, Lighting, Recovery, Storage, Suspension, Transfer Case and Transmission, Wheels and Tires > Air

2007 SEMA Show Report
Submitted by kizer
Las Vegas, Oct 29, 2007 - Chrysler will debut eight ultra-customized Chrysler, Jeepģ and Dodge vehicles at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show, the annual showcase of technology, trends and products representing the $36.7 billion automotive parts and accessories industry. The SEMA show will be held Oct. 30 - Nov. 2, 2007 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Chrysler's 'tricked, tuned and customized' Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles were conceived and designed for SEMA by the Mopar Underground design team, a group of in-house automotive enthusiasts who donate their time to the SEMA project vehicles. > Air

York Mounting Bracket
Submitted by kizer
In order to mount your York compressor under the hood and utilize the belt system you have to add this new bracket or design your own. Kilby Enterprises designed a system along with a new belt that solves the problem by relocating the alternator. After a few emails my bracket was ordered and sent for installation. I do have air conditioning and this kit works along with it so I could maintain my A/C. Whats a Jeep without A/C? =) > Air

OBA part 0. Locating a York Compressor
Submitted by kizer
Locating a York Compressor is easy if you know where or what to look into. Here is a nice list of various vehicles to look through for your York compressor. > Air

OBA part 3. York Gasket and O-Ring Replacement
Submitted by kizer
When I opened up my Junkyard York 210 I noticed that the top gasket was missing. I did a little leg work and found out there are actually two gaskets on the top of the York 210. Brad Kilby suggested I should rebuild it with their gasket kit. "EF210R-KIT" I figured I needed it because of missing gaskets and for around 20bucks I couldn't go wrong. I'm planning on building an entire system and if I'm depending on a Junkyard Compressor I might as well make sure its as sound as I can. > Air

OBA part 2. York Compressor Inspection
Submitted by kizer
I had a compressor shipped from me from a buddy on the forum and I decided it was warm enough to play in the garage so I decided to open it up and start inspecting it. > Air

OBA part 1. Identifying a York 210 Compressor
Submitted by kizer
I wanted to do a step by step as complete as I can writeup of my York 210 Onboard Air compressor setup. So lets start with the heart of the system the compressor.

I had a friend pull a York 210 for me and I was pretty sure it was a 210, but like usual the negative in me had to prove it. First off normally there is a tag identifying exactly what you have. Is it a 206, 209 or a 210? Theres the tag way and there is the pull the clutch and look at the tip of the crank method. My York was missing the Tag.

Im not a York expert by any means and Ive been told that York 210s are pretty easy to spot due to their shape. However I wanted to be sure so I spent a few minutes and pulled the clutch/pulley off to verify. > Air

ARB Tire Inflator (do it yourself)
Submitted by kizer
Airing down is a HUGE advantage while on the trail. It gives you a wider foot print. What do you do if you go out and nobody has a compressor? You don't air down or you leave the trail head with 4 low tires.

After my ARB install it was obvious the air compressor was powerful enough to run the air lockers with a flip of a few switches. It dawned on me there was a kit available to turn the ARB compressor into a tire inflator. Looking around on the net I noticed the price of a inflator kit ranged from 30-50 dollars depending on where you looked. I was simply amazed that the contents of the kit was an air hose and a few fittings that plugged into the ARB compressor. Toying around the garage I decided I could probably build one for alot less and do exactly what the kit would do. > Armor

RockCrusher Dana30
Submitted by kizer
A while back it was very clear to me that undercarriage protection is required while climbing around on the trail. There has been many times when a good wack to the rear diff was heard from inside the cab. I purchased a Dana35 RockCrusher a few months back and the Dana30s have been on back order a while. Heres my review and comparison of the RockCrusher to the stock cover. > Armor

RockCrusher Dana35 Diff Cover
Submitted by kizer
Im not sure about the rest of you, but after a few wacks on my front or rear Diff cover I begin to get nervous. For me it was protecting not only my gears, but my ARB locker install.

When I dropped my Jeep off at Northride4x4 they just recieved a shipment of RockCrushers in and I was one of the first to actually hold my little Dana35 cover. Dave said here check this out its the baby of the group. I must admit seeing the Dana44 it was the runt of the litter. > Armor

Toys By Troy oil pan skid
Submitted by kizer
m not sure about the rest of you, but there has been many times when I wondered when or how am I going to punch a hole in my oil pan.

There are a few companies like Skidrow and Warn that make full size engine skids that cover from the oil pan back to the transmission. However Ive read many posts on many forums about others having issues with the mounting brackets not fitting right or clanging on the driveline while flexing.

There are other companines like NthDegreeMobilty who have come up with a skid that wraps around the oil pan and simply protects it only. As well along comes Toys By Troy with a very simple and very cost effective skid. This skid is very close to the oil tank and mounts very simply. > Armor

4 X Fortress Front Bumper install
Submitted by kizer
One of the biggest modifications next to a lift and tires and wheels on a Jeep or any vehicle are the front and rear bumpers. The front bumper defines the very look and characterists of a Jeep. If your Jeep has a weak front bumper then you have a weak Jeep. If you have a tough, stout bumper then you have a tough Jeep. Now you can rush out and purchase a tough looking bumper or you can lay down the cash for a bumper that does exactly what it looks like. We contacted our friends over at 4 x Fortress and they said they had exactly what we where looking for. > Armor

Home Made YJ Radiator Skid-plate
Submitted by themajor
While inspecting the underside of my 93 YJ after doing some brush busting I noticed that the bottom of my radiator had some scratches, though nothing serious. I then realized it could have been serious. I decided to build a radiator skid plate. > Axles & Diffs

ARB O-Ring Replacement
Submitted by kizer
One day on the trail I hit my front locker and my compressor just ran and ran. I new I had an air leak, but I wasn't sure where it was. I did the normal thing and popped my hood and hear air coming up from the radiator, but that didn't make sense because there isn't an air line there. After some more digging we realized it was coming from my axle housing vent tube. That can mean one of two possible problems. The air line has come loose in the housing or an O-ring has failed.

ARB lockers work great, but even they have a weakness. Its a small O-ring that costs no more than a couple of bucks. The only problem with replacing the O-ring is you have to literally take your ARB locker out of the axle housing which means you guess it. Everything must come out/off. Wheels, calipers, rotors and axle shafts. Its not really a difficult task, but just time consuming. > Axles & Diffs

Servicing your Diffs
Submitted by kizer
Simple maintenance is very important on your Jeep. Sure you can pay somebody to do it for you, but after a while all you have done is paid somebody to do something that you could of learned how to do yourself and done many times for the same price you paid to have done once. For example below I serviced the front and rear of my wife's XJ for approximately 12 dollars and the local Jiffy Lube wanted $29 per axle. 2x29=$58. At that cost I could change front and rear again and again nearly 5 times. Most auto parts stores will accept the old lube because they know you might buy something else while your there. I normally buy a soda on the way out. > Axles & Diffs

Super30 and Super35
Submitted by kizer
For the longest time I wanted to lift the TJ and throw some 33's under the fenders. Why that size? That's another complete topic all together. However I knew the magic number for twisting the rear axles was 35-inch tires and well I didn't want anything bigger than 33's so I figured I was somewhat safe.

After the install of my lift and tires I came to the conclusion that stock gears simply are not cutting it. I went out a time or two and even made a long distance trip down to Baker City Oregon to hookup with the Kanyon Krawlers in Virtue Flats. The wheeling was great however running in 4lo, 3rd gear sometimes to keep up with the rest of the pack was horrid, but hey you have to do what you have to do.

I decided to upgrade my gears to 4.56's and was seriously considering locking the front with an aussie locker so I could at least have a locked front end. We had a little bit of Tax money coming this year and the wife said "Get some quote's on a regear and that locker you wanted." > Brakes

YJ brake system upgrade...'95 in a '93
Submitted by kizer
I'll start at the beginning I guess...

This all came from a short, unexpected, unstoppable decent from a good friend's steep driveway in Longview when I was leaving one day. I found that my brakes physically couldn't stop me from moving with some momentum...and it just had been getting worse and worse. I was looking for some good solutions for brakes -- and ultimately, after some research and a phone call to Van from VanCo brakes, I was given an idea. Van gave me some good options with his vacuum booster, hydrobooster or their Big Brake Kit. These of course are great products...and their reputation is very well deserved. Everybody I talked to has had really nothing but good stuff to say about the big brake kits and so on. But what he did tell me...was a less expensive alternative that would accomplish what I was looking for. > Brakes

Dana35 Drum to Disc Conversion
Submitted by kizer
After installing bigger tires, gears, lockers and every conceivable piece of armor and I'm sure I'm missing some its been a big concern of mine to upgrade the brakes to something that will provide not only day to day braking, but also provide a means to stop in an emergency if the need arrives. My choices where pretty slim. I could of bought a Teraflex disc conversion kit, or a TSM disc brake conversion kit. However at the moment they are out of my budget because you are buying brand new right out of the box solutions. There is nothing wrong with a brand new setup however I couldn't stomach the idea of paying 500-600 for a conversion kit so I waited.

Out of the blue I kept seeing references to a 96 ZJ Grand Cherokee swap. I was even told it was a direct bolt on if your donor Jeep is a Dana35. I called around in my local area and I couldn't seem to track down a donor for my project. Again I gave up and decided to pursue other projects and its been 6months in the making. A buddy of mine > CBs

Intro to Basic CB
Submitted by IBTJn
Our attempt is to help newer people not familiar with CB radios to not be intimidated by the technical details of purchasing, installing, and using a CB radio. This write ups is meant to be general in nature, and may not apply to some applications. We hope this will be helpful, though.

Important General Basic Idea: It is a fact that an inexpensive radio and good quality antenna system will out perform an expensive radio, and mediocre antenna system. Keep in mind that the antenna system really is about 90% of the overall performance of the system we are attempting to put together. > Electrical

Blower Control Fix
Submitted by kizer
One morning I get a call from the misses saying that she can not get her heater to work. Of course I just figured it was on of those things and more than likely either a fuse blew or who knows. Later that day she calls me and tells me that she can get the fan to work only if she has it in high. Ah I've seen this one a few times on the net and I know exactly what it is. Question is where is it on an 1998 XJ? Did some searching around on the internet and nothing could tell me so I just took it at faith and ordered the part anyways from a friendly forum member that just happens to work the desk in parts. > Electrical

ClockSpring Replacement
Submitted by kizer
My wife informed me that her Air Bag light was on and she had no use of her Horn. Later investigation led to the discovery that here Cruise Control was not working either. After a bit of reading and asking a few questions on the net I discoverd that her ClockSpring has failed. You might ask whats that? A ClockSpring allows the Steering Wheel to rotate and route electrical signals from the Steering Wheel to the rest of the Jeep.

Clock Springs can fail due to twisting of the steering wheel with the pitman arm disconnected or simply with age. Her 98 XJ is 10years old so it was time for a replacement. I found a replacement on Just make sure when your looking for a replacement you note that the one you are buying might or might not support Cruise Control. If you do have Cruise Control you will need the 3 wire version and if you do not you will need the 2 wire version. From the looks of it you could use a Cruise model in a none Cruise, but not the other way around. > Electrical

Replacing a 98 XJ Door Lock Actuator
Submitted by kizer
As soon as my wife purchased her "New to Her" 98 Cherokee Sport it of course started to act weird. The rear right door look would sometimes work and most of the time wouldn't work from the drivers side central lock button. It wouldn't of been a big deal other than that's the exact location our 1-year old boy sits. I looked around and checked with the dealer and I wasn't in the mood to pay what they where asking. I was quoted over $100 from one and close to $150 from another. I would of paid it if I was 100% sure it was the locking actuator and not the wiring in the door. I jumped on Ebay and found one for $30 shipped. Of course I was taking a chance that it didn't work or my wiring was shot. Cheap leap of faith. =). > Electrical

Intermittent Wiper Switch Install
Submitted by kizer
For years and I do mean years since 2000 Ive always wanted variable wipers. My wifes Volkswagon had them. After a few years of turning the wipers on and off then on and off I got sick of tired of it and often either drove with the wipers on when they didn't need to be or left them off when they should of been on.

A few years later 2006 to be exact we found a 98 Cherokee with all the bells and whistles. I'll be damn it has Variable wipers. I was then annoyed and said thats it. Last week my wife asked me what I wanted for my Birthday and I said tires and I got em. My wife then said why dont you buy that windsheild wiper thingy your always complainging about. I had a mission and I wasn't going to give up. I did some searching and I knew Jeepsareus would have it, sure enough. > Electrical

sPOD Panel, Harness and Relay strip
Submitted by kizer
Lights, winches, radios and numerous other gadgets go with Jeeps like Ice Cream goes with Birthday cake. The problem all of gizmos and gadgets we seem to think we need is dash space. Sure we could cut up our dashes with drills and saws and mount switches all over the place, but then that begins to distract us from the reason we fell in with our Jeeps in the first place. "Slimpity" We all like it simple so I found a product that keeps it simple. Currently Im running 6 switches on my dash which are ARB comressor, front locker, rear locker, spot light, winch power and winch in/out. I have the desire to install front rock lights, rear rock lights, rear spot lights, York compressor and a CB power switch because Im to lazy to bend over to turn it on and off. Well thats more switches than a normal dash can handle.
Along came a guy name John who owns 4x4s-pod. He explained a product that hes been working on for a while and it just hit 4Wheeler magazine. At first I was uh, huh so its in a magizine. Sure enough I look and there it is. What caught my attention wasn't the fact that you can mount this thing on your windsheild above your dash, but the fact you mount this box under the hood and you simply add/remove accessories as you see the need. Alost like Plug n Play with a computer. Now I had to have it. =) He shipped me the works. Panel, wireing harness, terminal block, cover and every other piece that works together to complete the system. I call it a system, because everything works together like it was designed. Here is a first look at the quality of this product when it first arrived. Simply amazing. > Engine

Changing your own Jeep oil
Submitted by kizer
I often hear from many people I need to take my car in and get my oil changed. Then of course I always snicker and they often say You change your own? I always replay yes. Its one of the easiest things to perform on a vehicle. Dont get me wrong I changed my parents Ford Focus Mach4 and honestly after reaching up behind the dash to pull the oil filter I told my dad. "Keep paying for it, your getting your moneys worth." Needless to say that vehilcle was a pain in the butt, howeve with all the room under the hood with a Jeep its rather simple. > Engine

3-Row CSF Radiator replacement
Submitted by kizer
I was on vacation for a week and as luck would have it I went out into the garage and there was a small puddle of water under the TJ. Yep it was Anti-freeze. I decided it was time replace the radiator opposed to patching it. I called around to all my local shops and it appeared I could buy an all metal replacement cheaper than I could buy a factory replacement. Dirk at DPG Offroad was a great guy to work with and he sold me a CFS Heavy Duty 3-Row all metal for less than I could by a factory radiator. What could be better? > Exterior

TJ's Mirror Relocation Brackets - Custom Fabrication
Submitted by kizer
Jeeps are designed with easily removable doors. But in order for Jeeps to run without doors the side mirrors must either be relocated onto the body tub or additional mirrors attached to the Jeep. A secondary mirror can be bolted in to the upper (now empty) door hinge. But this takes time to bolt in and requires tools. Plus, any time the door is reinstalled the mirror must be unbolted and removed undermining the convenience of the removable doors. The alternative is to install a mirror relocation bracket, a piece of metal to permanently mount the mirror on the body. Once installed there's no need to mess with tools or disassembly and the doors can be removed and reinstalled at will. > Exterior

Torn Fender Flare Fix
Submitted by kizer
Its become very obvious to me a few runs after I've installed my Warn Fender flares that they are factory like, however they are stiff and will tear if you rub up a larg rock or tree. Now there are 3 choices you have with dealing with a torn fender flare. You can ignore it and let it flap. You can buy a new fender flare or lastly you can repair it.

At first decided to ignore the torn fender and let it flap around as I drove. Flying rocks hitting my door and side mirrors became old very fast. I initally installed the larger fenders to stay legal and keep flying objects from abusing myself and the passenger. I had a few fender washers laying on a work bench and thought it can't get any easier than that and sure enough. A few minutes later I was done. > Exterior

Poison Spyder Customs Tube fenders
Submitted by kizer
Well...I finaly decided to install tube fenders on my '04' Rubi. I took a drive up to the Jeep Outfitters and picked up a pair of Poison Spyder Customs tube fenders from Gavin along with a pair of CJ turn signals. The first thing I noticed is that the fenders are well packaged with expanding foam and all of the hardware needed to install. > Exterior

Steves Jeep Fab Rear Bumper Installation
Submitted by kizer
Everybody who installs a lift and larger tires considers the samething. What do I do with my spare tire? You have a few options.
1) Forsake your spare tire and leave it at home, but of course if you need it on the run your in trouble.
2) You install your spare tire on your stock tail gate and take the chance of the weight stressing your stock hinges.
3) You install a new tire carrier in the forum of a swing out carrier and a new bumper.

Ok, now we have decided to choose option 3. Incase you haven't checked on the net or in your favorite magazine there are nearly dozens of compaines, designs and needless to say options.

I decided to give Steve from a call. he had a few options and ideas for me to choose from. I choose a carrier with a Hi-Lift option and a detachable set of gerry cans. > Exterior

Soft Top Reinforcing Kit
Submitted by kizer
If you have a soft top or bikini top for your YJ , you've probably noticed that the Phillips self-tapping screws used to hold the soft top windshield channel in place readily strip out after a few cycles of removal and replacement, no longer functioning to safely secure the soft top windshield channel in its proper place. Our friends at RNventions had a solution to our problem. They carry a retaining kit that effectively secures the channel in place by replacing the self-tapping screws with threaded rivet inserts and stainless steel screws.

This kit includes everything you need to complete this easy and effective job, right down to the spare hardware. This well-engineered, easy to install kit is a one time installation. The instructions are precise and have drawings of each step in the installation process. > Exterior

Door removal and mirror relocation
Submitted by kizer
If your like me you want to take off your doors and feel like your driving your Jeep like it was intended right from the show room floor. Problem is what do you do about your mirrors and how do you take off your doors? Im pretty sure almost every state requires the use of mirrors on moving vehicles. Im sure in some states you can get away with one mirror, but if you have to why take a chance. Since its rather easy and you only need 10 minutes with a few tools and a mirror mover kit. > Exterior

Lowering a TJ soft top
Submitted by kizer
A jeep just isn't a Jeep with its top on. I know there are several Jeep owners that run all summer with theirs off. However there are a few Jeep owners that have a Hard top on and either havn't put their soft top own yet because it has to be hard to lower and raise or they haven't made the move over to owning a soft top. Then there are those who are new to Jeeps or simply new to their Jeep. If you've never seen one go up or down Ive got a show for you. In order to lower your soft top your going to need some warm weather and about 10 minutes of your time. I used to reuire the aid of somebody to help me, but Ive since learned how to do it all by myself. First this first go around I recommend having somebody avilable simply to help you lower it into place and you will see how easy it is the next time you lower it. > Exterior

Bestop Bikini top and Header install
Submitted by kizer
Im not sure about the rest of you, but after a few days sun beating down on my head Im in need of a small break. A bikini top.

In order to install a Bikini top on a TJ you are going to need a header. I choose the no drill simply because I do not want to put any holes into my windshield header. Now I could be wrong, but I choose this method anyway. Now I don't always do installs or things per the manual or instructions. I did follow them the first time and now this is my way of doing the install. Why? Because its fast and I can do it all by myself without the help of either my wife or a buddy who might be riding along that has no clue of what Im trying to do. > Exterior

Bestop Duster install
Submitted by kizer
Im not sure about the rest of you, but I like to cover my belongs that I carry in the back of my TJ when I have the top off. Not only does it cover and protect your belongs from dirt, dust and a rain storm or two that just happen to roll over. I like the fact that it makes your Jeep look cool because of the sleekness, but it also appears to make it look complete. If you run often without a rear back seat or simply without back seat riders this is for you.

The hardest two things you have to decide on this install is do you get a bestop duster for a hard top or a soft top. I think the hard top duster simply doesn't use the bars from the folded down soft top. So if you have a soft top installed I would order the soft top duster. Secondly the tighter you fold your top down in back the easier the install. Dont worry you dont have to have it perfect. > Exterior

Warn 6-inch fender flare install on a TJ
Submitted by kizer
Im not sure about the rest of you, but after installing my 33x12.50's I was rather tired of eating mud when I took my doors off during the summer months. I didn't mind the look of the tires sticking out roughly an inch, but the contant mud slinging got old.

I didn't take any pictures of the measuring technique, but this is how I did it:

Take a 2x4 or something with a straight edge and place it on the face of your tire. You know from the bottom of your tire to the top. Now take a tape measure and measure from the tub to the edge of your straight edge. My measurements where right at 6-inches from the tub to the straight edge.

I knew Warn had a 6-inch and a 7-inch flair available. I however didn't want it sticking way out there so I purchased exactly what I needed. Nothing more and of course I didn't want less.

I chose Warn fenders because I liked the look of the stock fenders and just wanted a wider fender, which they just happen to copy perfectly. Every line and detail..... > Lighting

Trail Lighting System
Submitted by kizer
After going on a few night runs and in particular seeing some custom Toyota rock buggies sett up this way, I decided to finally stop procrastinating (after more than a year) and install my own trail night lighting system. > Lighting

LED Fast Flasher Relay Fix 2000 TJ
Submitted by kizer
When I first installed my LED tail lights I knew I would have a fast flasher and I would eventually take care of it. Little did I know that after 2weeks of fast flashers people behind me where more annoyed than I was in the cab. > Lighting

LED Tail lights and License Plate
Submitted by kizer
For the longest time Ive wanted LED tail lights. Not only for looks, but the benifits of being bright, long lasting and very fast to light up when activated. At the sametime I wanted a working setup of reverse lights. I looked everywhere and I could not find a set of 2-inch White LED tail lights. I scraped my project for a while and came across some 2-inch regular bulbs that where flush mounted. Now I had one more excuse. I wanted a LED 3rd Tail light, but didn't know what to do with the license plate light. Everything came into play so I decided to break out the dremel and go for it. > Recovery

Hi-Lift Handle Keeper
Submitted by kizer
Since Hi-Lifts have been around they have been one of two things. A great poor mans recovery gear and a dangerous tool if not used correctly that could hurt you if not used correctly. I've seen countless times where somebody has used the jack to lift their vehicle and never held the handle taking a chance that the handle was going to stay in the place where it was left. For a few years I've kept a piece of rope on my handle to tie off my jack when/If I had to use it.

I was talking with Jerry over at FatBoysOffroad, which is very close to Hi-Lift themselves. A product has been out for a while and thought I should take a look at it. A few days later this package arrives and its a single piece of Poly cut out to fit the Hi-Lift Jack. Of course I threw it on and my initial thought was well it fits. Ok now what? A piece of rope can do the samething. So can a bungee cord or a piece of velcro. Not Even! > Recovery

Roadlessgear incab winch controller in Warn 9500TI
Submitted by kizer
For the longest time I've always wanted a In cab Winch controller. Why? There has been few times when I had to help somebody else out and it was simply a pain in the butt to get my winch controller out and hookup. If I had something in the cab a flip of the switch and it would all be over. I did some looking around and found a company named Roadlessgear, I bookmarked their site and a year later I decided I really wanted the controller. I purchased the kit and installed it. > Storage

Clover Patch Window Roll
Submitted by kizer
After you drop your top and relize the top down is the only way to drive a Jeep during the summer months. Heck its been 4-years for myself and I love every minute of it from Mothers Day up until the end of September.

The question I hear from every new Jeep owner as well its the same question I see on many and I mean many forums is what do you do with your side windows and the rear window? I roll up the rear window and keep it with my soft top because its easier to roll up then it is to remove and store. The side windows for me have always been a concern up until the steel doors come off and Im out of the garage. The poor windows layed on a piece of cardboard or up until recently have been laying on my door hanger. > Storage

Submitted by kizer
I think I must have at least 3 or 4 small coolers that I rotate through because none of them actually seem to fit my TJ the way I like it. My last run I had a soft cooler that was literally square with a small metal frame at the bottom. It fit in my passenger seat, but I knew it would be a problem so I tried to mash it between the passenger seat and the dash. It worked, but nothing like mashed chips and a sandwich I picked up at a gas station before heading out.

Looking around on the net I came across a cooler made by JpCooler a few months back. Sure it was a cool idea, but who wants a big long cooler sitting in their Jeep. I did, but I knew a lot of space would be wasted because of its interior size. Knowing I was going on another trip I took a gander at again amazingly enough they came up with a new cooler that addressed my little problem.

Now I have a cooler with two seperate pockets. One for dry and one for cold food. > Storage

Door Hanging System by RNventions
Submitted by kizer
Storing your doors while off during the summer on the floor is just an accident waiting to happen. No its not a car wreck or a fire hazard, but $1200-$1500 a pair not to mention the paint needed to color match can get really expensive after you knock them over or heck even run them over.

I've looked through several magazines over the last 4-years and to be honest I thought the same thing most Jeep owners think. I'll just stand them in the corner on a piece of cardboard and forget about them. I was exchanging emails with RNventions and they said why don't you try our door hanging brackets. After 5 seconds of thinking about it I said send me a set. > Storage

Hard Top Lift Kit
Submitted by kizer
This is a easy way of storing your top without the benefit of a garage and if you donít want to pay $100+ bucks for a hard-top dolly.

With some basic hand tools and a few scraps of lumber you can make it work in no time. > Storage

Tuffy Underseat storage drawer
Submitted by kizer
If your like me you wonder what to do with half the stuff you need to carry in your Jeep. I drive a 00 TJ every day to work. So I would carry a milk crate in the back of my TJ. I would throw the same things in everyday and of course I would then empty the same things when I went out and played. I would carry a flashlight, jumper cables, rain coat, Spec book for road and bridge construction, pens, paper and some other little things. During the summer my content would change, but my routine for loading and unloading everyday continued. I finally got feed up and decided lets give Tuffy a chance. I really enjoy their glove box so Im sure the rear underseat storage drawer had to be a snap to install.

I gathered my tools called out by their instructions and decided it was time to install. Now instead of doing a detailed install using their instructions I did a write-up on how I actually did the install. What I thought would be an easy install became a nightmare. The working space under the box was really tight and assuming a lot from what I thought the instructions said drove me nuts. Nothing like taking things off just to reinstall just because you misread the instructions. I did a bit of swearing and swore I would never do an install again and when/If the Jeep sold the box was going with.

Have no fear I changed a few things and I hope my little bit of insight helps you when you decide to purchase this well built item. Its well worth the effort > Storage

Tuffy Glove box in a TJ
Submitted by kizer
Driving around in my 00 TJ I came to the conclusion that there is absolutely no security in my Jeep when an ordinary screw driver could rip open my glove box and center console. So I decided to purchase a Tuffy Glove box.

Installation was really easy and shouldn't really take you more than 60minutes. Thats including gathering any tools, emptying out your glove box and looking for something to drink while your installing. > Suspension

DIY Quick Disconnect Pins
Submitted by kizer
This mod is not my idea. I'll gladly admit I ripped it off another post on the interwebs. But I figured I'd snap some process photos and post the results here. And thanks Kizer for keeping a lid on this until I finally got it installed.

These were made for a friend of mine who's just getting into offroading (and modifying his Jeep).

We all know how helpful a quick disconnect link can be for unhooking the front swaybar. And we all know all the good aftermarket discos available. But their prices are not cheap at $80-140. For someone just getting started or on a smaller lift it's possible to make a quick disconnect pin for a fraction of the cost and simply use the factory swaybar links. > Suspension

HD TJ Steering Upgrade
Submitted by kizer
HD TJ Steering Upgrade The purpose of this upgrade is not simply to repair the damaged steering but to improve it and make it stronger. To that end a Crown Automotive HD steering kit was installed. Essentially it uses the heavier duty 1996 era Grand Cherokee (ZJ) V8 steering components from drag link, to tie rods, tie rod ends, and adjusting collars. > Suspension

Lower Control Arm Bracket Reinforcing
Submitted by kizer
After 4 years and 50+ offroad outings the control arms and mounting brackets on my Jeep needed repair. The control arms were bent and one smacked by a rock so badly the pressed in bushing came loose. The bracket ears on the frame were dented and crushed to the point they interfered with the control arm movement. All this resulted in wonky and vague handling and disconcerting clanking and creeking noises from the suspension. > Suspension

XJ C-Rok reinforcing plate and gearbox install
Submitted by kizer
Follow the installation of C-Rok reinforcing plate and gearbox install on a XJ. > Suspension

NthDegree Stinger/Slider with Redrill
Submitted by kizer
As long as I could ever remember I've always like odd and unusual things. When it came to my Jeep I normally went with what worked and what was in the norm per say. A year or so I was surfing around on the net and came across I was really interested in a few items they had simply because it was totally unique and nobody was trying what they did. Now my first thought was well maybe nobody is trying some of the things they are simply because they do not work or whos going to copy their original idea and look like they are copying?

I decided I wanted more coverage over the rear yoke because Ive seen a few lay down on a rock and beat the tar out of theirs and heard the rear slider gave you a more connected feeling. So I contacted a few people and spoke with Jay at He gave me a great deal on my LED tail lights so it was only natural that I knew he would take care of me on this project as well so I decided to install the Stinger/Slider. > Suspension

Rubicon Express Spring Spacers
Submitted by kizer
After installing a new bumper, winch, offroad lights and a hi-lift jack I noticed my front was sitting lower than my rear end.

Obviously its a known fact that when you add weight to either the front or rear something's gotta give. Either your springs are going to sag due to weight and your going to live with it or your going to install newer springs to make up for the difference. I decided I only wanted to raise my front end 3/4's of an inch to compensate my Rubicon Express 3.5-inch springs. Luckily there are spacers available to meet my needs. I contacted and talked to Wayne and they sent me a pair of front spacers to correct what I considered needing correcting. > Suspension

Teraflex Bushing upgrade
Submitted by kizer
After a while of owning my Teraflex lift I noticed it became a bit clunky. I know thats not really a discription, but after checking everything once, twice and even 3 times I became so frustrated I just knew it had to be my control arms. Ive read several forums and everybody who talked about the Teraflex control arms came up with the same response. The bushings are horrid and need to be replaced often.

I decided I had to replace them as well. The only problem I kept bringing myself to was the fact I simply did not want to change them out next year or the year afterwards. There simply had to be solution more permanent than changing them out on a regular basis if that was the solution. So bushings being what I needed I just happened to be looking around on a sponsor of Links4jeeps and they carried the Daystar line. Daystar just happens to make Poly bushing replacements for Teraflex control arms. How difficult could it possibly be I asked myself? 3 Days later I had two orders of bushings at my front door. I would like to thank Inclined-Vehicles for jumping on a request so fast. As well I would like to thank all of the sponsors on board for the many inquires and offers to lend a hand. > Suspension

Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Tether
Submitted by kizer
Every time I disconnect my sway bar links I worry about loosing them. Maybe Im just a bit careless or maybe its the worry about driving home on a long run to and from where I disconnect that worries me. Im getting ready to take a run roughly 500 miles away from home and Im sure if given the chance to loose one I will.

As well Ive had somebody at work pull my pins and then just as I walk out to my Jeep they warn me and attempt to pull a bit of black mail to get me to do something before I head out. Fear, anger and the urge to pound on something went through my head. Whats to keep somebody from doing the samething as a joke or even worse to cause harm. Well nothing sort of removing the disconnects is going to stop that, but the ability to make sure the pins do not leave you vehicle is what you can.

Nobody on the market seems to make a system to hold your pins onto your sway bar quick disconnect links so I decided to make some of my own. > Suspension

RE Generation2 Disconnects
Submitted by kizer
Im just like the rest of you. When I hit the trail I want to take complete advantage of my new modified suspension. The only thing I could never stand was how hard it was to pull the disconnects on my older setup.

I was browsing around and came across Rubicon Expresses Generation 2 system. Swissmountain4x4 said they were a very new setup and to his knowledge nobody has installed them or done a install/writeup. With that in mind I was definately going to purchase and be the first.

My intial lookover of the kit I was very impressed. All of the parts appeared to be very well put together. Upon further inspection I noticed 2 very inportant points. The connecting section to the factory sway bar utilizes a Hiem Joint. The section that attaches to the axle uses a thick rubber bushing, which requires no greasing. How cool is that? One less piece to grease. > Suspension

Big Daddy Offroad Tie-Rod Install
Submitted by kizer
After a lift and a front Stabilizer install I come to the conclusion my Tie-rod looks so wussy under the bumper its not even funny. Ok, its more than looking wussy its a matter of supporting an upgrade such as tires and a lift. Lets face it. When your banging around on a trail and you hit a rock. Do you want your front wheels to buckle or do you want to keep on moving? I want to keep on moving myself.

I took a few things into consideration while laying down my credit card on this particular mod. First money being a decision and strength being the second. Yeah I must admit I picked price over strength, which is typically just my opposite. I normally look at the best then work my way back until I find something I can afford. I was considering a Tie-Rod upgrade and our buddy over at introduced me to the idea of the Big Daddy Offorad tie-rod. First off the price sold me from the start. He then pointed me over to a review that RockCrawler did a while back. > Suspension

Harbor Frieght Alignment Tool Alignment
Submitted by kizer
Im not sure about the rest of you, but after a few alignment shop bills it gets really, really annoying.

Now after a lift or a tire size swap we are all often told we should get our Jeeps in the shop for an alignment. Abnormal wear on the tread will result from an improperly aligned Jeep. What happens if you decide to do it yourself? Well you could really screw things up if you dont take your time or you could save a few bucks and do it more often because it doesn't cost you anything. Everytime I rotate my tires or do anything that affects the front end of my Im trying to do. How hard is a do it your self alignment? Well the first time I attempted it I took my Jeep to the shop and let them do it. I then came home and decided to copy what I thought they where doing. This is the exact write-up I followed and have done it many times with good success. So do you think Im going to have them do it again? NO. > Suspension

Front Stabilizer Install
Submitted by kizer
Everybody always says you have to change your front Stabilizer when you lift your Jeep. I decided to go against the norm and not install a new stabilizer when I did mine. Was it becasue I forgot? Well actually no. I wanted to see what the front end would do in response to the addition of 33-inch tires. At first when I lifted the TJ it felt fine until I drove it down a dirt road. The front end was loose and felt really sloppy. When I hit a hole it felt like the wheel wandered wildly from one side to the other.

Jeep 231 Transfercase and SYE leak fix
Submitted by kizer
On my last trip down to Tillamook state forest in Oregon, climbing up a rocky, muddy hill I was bouncing around pretty good and wacked my rear diff a few times. I got out and noticed what appeared to be some red fluid. I shrugged my shoulders and figured it was either the guy in front of me or I must have a small leak. Needless to say after getting out of what I was in and parked at the top of the trail I smelt burning Transfercase fluid. Looked under my Jeep and sure enough I was leaking. I feared the worst. Oh, NO we are going to loose the Transfercase on the trail. I was really worried since its never leaked before so of course I was a bit excited.

One of the guys with me suggested that possibly my vent was clogged and blew free or I was leaking out from the rubber washer behind the yoke. At first I thought he was totally nuts and wouldn't accept that answer. Reached the top of the trail head and after a while we ended up at the staging area. I barrowed some Transfercase fluid and make sure it was topped off. Drove my Jeep over to a friends house for the evening before returning home the next day. I was to address my leak as soon as I got home.

Needless to say there wasn't a leak anymore and hey it must of been a fluke? WRONG, a month later I was doing some playing at work and climbing a hill or two and when I got back home there was a puddle of what looked like Transfercase fluid under my Jeep. Ive determined in my mind it must be when the Jeep is climbing, which puts pressure on the rubber star washer allowing the leak. Ok, this is it, Im mad. Im going to figure this out yet. I did some looking at below is what I found out. Needless to say. I was wrong and the little rubber star washer was the bad person.

Advance Adapter SYE Install
Submitted by kizer
Why do we lift our Jeeps? More than likely its for the same reasons. Jeeps where not bought to have tiny tires and wheels on them. After you lift a Jeep you raise the body higher off the wheel giving you more room to stuff bigger tires under the fenders not only for higher ground clearance, but as well the look they provide.

After you install your 3 or 4-inch lift or even larger you will notice when you accelerate and decelerate there is a slight vibration coming from your rear end. What is it? Its your driveline vibrating from the extreme angle you've put it in lifting your Jeep. You look at your driveline and it doesn't look to be very extreme. In your mind it isn't, but to your drivetrain anything over a couple degrees from the rear end to your transfercase is extreme.

There are a number of things you can do to correct this small but possibly damaging to your U-joints and other drivetrain sections. > Wheels & Tires

Staun Tyre Deflators
Submitted by kizer
Everybody always says in order to gain traction while 4wheeling you should lower your air pressure for a wider foot print. Obviously you can simply push in your valve stem and down goes the air pressure. There has be a better way of doing this.

I decided to give a set of Staun Tyre Deflators a try. Yes Tire is spelled wrong. They are an austrilan company. I contacted and had them shipped to me within days. From what I can tell you simply screw them on and they lower down to a preset air pressure. Ah HUH sure they do. I bet they are a pain in the butt to set and use. > Wheels & Tires

Removing the red and blue stripes on black wheels
Submitted by kizer
I did what a lot of Jeep owners do. I purchased some black steelies because one they are cheap and two who cares if we dent them because they are cheep. After a few weeks I decided I really didn't like the red and blue stripe that was painted on the outer edge of the rim, but hey thats the breaks so I'll live with it.

An odd thing happend. I was watching my wife remove finger nail polish from her nails using finger nail polish remover. Ive heard a few times from others that it works on removing the red/blue stripe so I sneaked the bottle outside while she wasn't looking. I spent an hour outside and snuck the bottle back inside. I only attempted to remove the stripes from one wheel not knowing exactly what it does to the finish and that was last year. Afer a year passed and a few wheeling trips Ive come to the conclusion that the finger nail polish doesn't hurt the paint below the red and blue stripes.

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