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Add your site: Its free and takes no time at all.
Its as easy as following these simple directions:
1. Enter the directory your site fits best.
2. Select the "Suggest Link" link
3. Enter the required data and hit submit.

What are the advantages of listing on our site? Its free. All links are categorized by type and searchable. We are spidered by various search engines such Google, Yahoo, AOL, Netscape, Excite, WebCrawler,, Hotbot, AllTheWeb, Kvasir, MetaCrawler, Go2Net, Lycos, MSN often. As well hope you will put a link on your site to us to increase our traffic and the traffic of every link listed on our site. Did I mention its free?

Banners: Use one of our banners on your site. You may use the below link to see all of our banners.
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Search feature: Add a search feature to your site like the one below, which uses our database.
The below code by default does not track inbound links, however if you would like code so you get credit for sending inbound hits as well as provide a search to your users use the default code below as well as the code located just below the default code. Its rather simple. Its probably harder for me to explain than use.
Use the following default code or change it to suit your sites needs:

You must have a site listed in our database prior to performing the below code changes.

To insure you get your credit for each search as a inbound link you modify the above code as follows or visit your link and hit details for the exact code without the need to modify as long as you are logged in:

Change search.php to remotesearch.php
Add &id= after whichtype=all
After &id= and just before the " you will need to add your linkid code. Its easily found by placing your mouse over your link it will give you a number or looking at your links details the numbers following the in.php?id= is your id number.

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