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RE Generation2 Disconnects
Date Submitted: 12/17/04 (Edited 04/24/05)
Description: Im just like the rest of you. When I hit the trail I want to take complete advantage of my new modified suspension. The only thing I could never stand was how hard it was to pull the disconnects on my older setup.

I was browsing around and came across Rubicon Expresses Generation 2 system. Swissmountain4x4 said they were a very new setup and to his knowledge nobody has installed them or done a install/writeup. With that in mind I was definately going to purchase and be the first.

My intial lookover of the kit I was very impressed. All of the parts appeared to be very well put together. Upon further inspection I noticed 2 very inportant points. The connecting section to the factory sway bar utilizes a Hiem Joint. The section that attaches to the axle uses a thick rubber bushing, which requires no greasing. How cool is that? One less piece to grease.
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