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Tuffy Underseat storage drawer
Date Submitted: 03/29/04 (Edited 04/24/05)
Description: If your like me you wonder what to do with half the stuff you need to carry in your Jeep. I drive a 00 TJ every day to work. So I would carry a milk crate in the back of my TJ. I would throw the same things in everyday and of course I would then empty the same things when I went out and played. I would carry a flashlight, jumper cables, rain coat, Spec book for road and bridge construction, pens, paper and some other little things. During the summer my content would change, but my routine for loading and unloading everyday continued. I finally got feed up and decided lets give Tuffy a chance. I really enjoy their glove box so Im sure the rear underseat storage drawer had to be a snap to install.

I gathered my tools called out by their instructions and decided it was time to install. Now instead of doing a detailed install using their instructions I did a write-up on how I actually did the install. What I thought would be an easy install became a nightmare. The working space under the box was really tight and assuming a lot from what I thought the instructions said drove me nuts. Nothing like taking things off just to reinstall just because you misread the instructions. I did a bit of swearing and swore I would never do an install again and when/If the Jeep sold the box was going with.

Have no fear I changed a few things and I hope my little bit of insight helps you when you decide to purchase this well built item. Its well worth the effort
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