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Blower Control Fix aka "Resister Pack Replacement"

One morning I get a call from the misses saying that she can not get her heater to work. Of course I just figured it was on of those things and more than likely either a fuse blew or who knows. Later that day she calls me and tells me that she can get the fan to work only if she has it in high. Ah I've seen this one a few times on the net and I know exactly what it is. Question is where is it on an 1998 XJ? Did some searching around on the internet and nothing could tell me so I just took it at faith and ordered the part anyways from a friendly forum member that just happens to work the desk in parts. dwkolb1

Tools: Time:
5/16ths socket and a driver
10-15 minutes

This was a pretty easy repair and I'd recommend anybody that has this problem should just do it themselves. I think I had less than 50 dollars into it. Written by kizer, if you have any questions or comments about this install visit


One morning my wife tried to turn on her heater and then she later told me it doesn't work. I told her I'd take a look at after work.

Later that same day she told me that her blower only seemed to blow out air on high.

Aproximately right here under the dash is the Resister Pack for the blower motor.

Under the dash using a 5/16ths socket remove the two screws holding it in.

Here are the two screws. As you can tell from the picture they are very course becasue they are designed to bite into the plastic under the dash.

With it pulled from out from under the dash there is a redish/orange clip holding the connector to the plug.

Pry each side out to the side just enough so you can pull the plug from its connection. Then you will have to pry just a little more to completly disconnect the plug.

Pust the black clip on the Resister Pack and it should easily disconnect.

Looks like moisture got on this one and rusted the surface and the really basic coils and resister behind the holes.

Front shot of the Resister Pack. The part number on the new unit exactly matches the part number on the old unit.

Just to remind myself of the socket size of 5/16ths.

Offical MOPAR box the replacement came in.

Part number 04864957 for a 98 XJ.

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