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Torn Fender Flare Fix

Its become very obvious to me a few runs after I've installed my Warn Fender flares that they are factory like, however they are stiff and will tear if you rub up a larg rock or tree. Now there are 3 choices you have with dealing with a torn fender flare. You can ignore it and let it flap. You can buy a new fender flare or lastly you can repair it.

At first decided to ignore the torn fender and let it flap around as I drove. Flying rocks hitting my door and side mirrors became old very fast. I initally installed the larger fenders to stay legal and keep flying objects from abusing myself and the passenger. I had a few fender washers laying on a work bench and thought it can't get any easier than that and sure enough. A few minutes later I was done.

Tools: Time:
8mm Socket or wrench
Aprox 5 - 10 minutes

This was a pretty easy fix to do. It should take you very long. The only problem I could see that would happen is if you damage a section of the fender that uses the backing block. It would require the removal of the inner fender flare. Written by kizer, if you have any questions or comments about this install visit


A few runs ago I took the TJ into a tight area and my Warn fender flares being larger than stock took most of the blunt. Ripping the lower two mounting points on the passenger side fender.

Under the fender you can see above the hanging rachet is a hole. Its the odd shaped hole with the yellow in the middle. =)

I decided to give this a quick fix. It was easier than I thought. You need a 8mm wrench or socket. I used both due to space limitations.

This is a shot of the rear fender, but the concept is the same. Pull back the fender as far as it will reasonably bend. You DO NOT want to bend it to hard or you will tear out another above.

No damage to the underlying tub mount.

Take a fender washer and your existing hardware and stack them like so.

After tighting down the fender washer this is what it looks like.

If your like me and don't like the chrome. Don't worry the mud will cover it and you'll never remember its there.

All done and good to go. Who would of ever thought Fender washers would fix fender flares? =)

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