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Hard Top Lift Kit

This is a easy way of storing your top without the benefit of a garage and if you don’t want to pay $100+ bucks for a hard-top dolly.


(2) 2x4's Length depends on width of carport
Metal Strapping also available at Home Depot
JC Whitney Strap kit approx. $51.00 shipped

You can get a set of straps, eyehooks at Home Depot cheaper but I liked the fact the straps go under the top and back up for better support.
Assorted fasteners to hold metal straps to carport and 2x4 (I used what I had in the shed)   

Writeup done by tanner2. If you have any questions or comments about this install visit

  1. I cut both 2X4’s down to 11’ long and cut out a notch approx. 6” long so the 2x4 would fit between the carport leaves and beam.

  2. Stuck the 2x4’s under the leaves approx. 1/3 from where I wanted the rear end of the top to finally rest and the front 2x4 approx. ½ the distance from the front of the top along the skinny side.

  3. Screwed in (4) eyebolts approx. 6” to 10” wider than the width of the top.  Screw in the metal straps to both the 2x4 and carport.  I only did one side on each end.

  4. Hang both forward and aft straps on eyehooks and loosen them up. 

  5. When I did this originally the top was already off the jeep.It is easier to do this with the top on getting ready to come off.

  6. With the top loose on the jeep slip both front and rear straps under the top.There are pull up straps on either side with a locking type buckle.It will take two people but just pull on the straps and the top will pull on up. You may need to do some adjusting as far as how it sits but after you get it where you want it just lock the two tabs down. I usually have to take off my CB antenna first. The lift will clear a 31” spare tire depending on how high your carport is.

  7. Lowering it is even easier and after a few times doing this it becomes real easy to drive right under the top and set it right down on the jeep.

  8. It takes about 10 to maybe 15 minutes to lift the top and even less time to lower it.