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RNventions Door Hanging System

Storing your doors while off during the summer on the floor is just an accident waiting to happen. No its not a car wreck or a fire hazard, but $1200-$1500 a pair not to mention the paint needed to color match can get really expensive after you knock them over or heck even run them over.

I've looked through several magazines over the last 4-years and to be honest I thought the same thing most Jeep owners think. I'll just stand them in the corner on a piece of cardboard and forget about them. I was exchanging emails with RNventions and they said why don't you try our door hanging brackets. After 5 seconds of thinking about it I said send me a set.

Tools: Time: Similar Write-ups:
13mm Socket
Driver for socket
3/16ths Drill bit
Marking pen
10-15 minutes Door Removal and mirror relocation brackets

A few days later a small box was sitting against my door. At first I was what the heck is that? The box was small and very light. After opening it up I realized what it was. My first initial observation was these guys are simply packaging happy. Paper wrapped each bracket several times and everything was more than protected. Instructions where included and very simple to understand. A very inportant note to mention in the instructions. When you place your brackets make sure you take in account for the bottom edge of the door. Its going to hang lower than the bracket for obvious reasons. The instructions recommend at a minimum of 45-inches to 60-inches from the bracket to the floor. I choose to hang mine as high as possible because I wanted all the room I could underneeth my door so I could put things under it if needed.

If you have any questions or comments about this install visit

Yes the very popular put the doors on the floor.
For those of you using the same on the floor method make sure you have at least a piece of card board under your doors.
Open up the box and what do we see? Tons and tons of paper keeping the hangers save and secure.
This is one bracket.
This is the paper wrapped around the hanger. I can tell you without a doubt there is no way these hangers can scratch while in shipment.
Included in each kit is (2) brackets, (8) lag screws and the installation instructions.
Very simple construction that appears to work very well.
The end of the top bar you slide your door over has a large rubber stopper on it so it it prevents you from damaging your doors as you lift them over.
First hand hang your door and place a small screw into the wood to act as a helping hand.
I used a level to make sure my bracket was plumb on the stud. Take a marking pen and mark the holes that are pre-drilled in the wall bracket. Next use a 3/16ths or something similar and pre-drill out the holes before using the lag bolts.
Use a 13mm socket and secure one of the bolts through the mounting bracket into the wall. I choose the second to the bottom so I can align the upper bolts from a step stool.
After both brackets are in place I decided to see how much weight one bracket could support. Needless to say It can hold up at least 195lbs.
This is a side view of both doors hanging on the bracket. The brackets don't take up much room and they appear to work very well.
Both doors on the wall next to my rear seat and floor creeper.
Close up of the rubber stoppers.
I was very curious to see how the doors hung on the carpet and foam padding.
Up high view.
While not in use I threw up a 16gallon Rubbermaid storage bin and my drilless header for my bikini top.