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NthDegree Stinger/Slider with Redrill

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Tools: Time:

Summerize the difficulity of the mod here. Written by kizer, if you have any questions or comments about this install visit


The Stinger slider arrived in 3 Boxes. The forth shown just happens to be my Shock Relocators. Another project. =)

This is basically how the slider will sit when its bolted on.

First loosen one side of your sway bar. Not the links, but the actual sway bar its self. You will loosen one side so you can slide the Slider behind the swaybar prior to bolting it up.

Its a bad picture, but I did a test fit to see if the supplied U-bolts would fit around the axle tube and clear the block that acts as a "T" for my rear brakes. Appearently it does not fit.

Pull your axle vent tube off.

Use a 9/16ths wrench to loosen the vent tube and the block should easily move up and down. All the fluid you see on my hand just happens to be brake fluid. Dont ask.

The instructions say you can slide a washer under the block to gain clearence. However when I attempted it I noticed there wasn't enough threads on the vent tube to screw into the axle. We will address this at a later time.

After messing around with the block I did a test fit on the passenger side of the axle and noticed my currently installed brakelines are going to be in the way.

I used a flat tip screw driver to pry open one of the clips that secures the brakeline to the axle housing.

Much better. I plan on raising my brakelines to the top of the axle and doing some more creative bends than the current layout.

Slide the slider up and tuck it behind the sway bar. Use the two U-bolts and secure to the ears of the slider.

Believe it or not the Sway bar has just enough room in front of the Slider.

Wrap the 3rd and Large U-bolt around the snout of the rear end.

You will use the two holes shown above to access the Larger U-bolt nuts. Use a 19mm deep socket to tighten to 55lbs.

Tighten the 4-bolts on the smaller U-bolts to 35lbs with a xxxxxxxxxx wrench or socket.

This is a side shot of the slider. Dont worry you will not be loosing any noticeable ground clearence. My rear diff hangs lower than the slider does. As well you are only adding the thickness of the skid, if you thought you did loose clearence of 1/4-inch.

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