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Tuffy Underseat Storage Drawer

If your like me you wonder what to do with half the stuff you need to carry in your Jeep. I drive a 00 TJ every day to work. So I would carry a milk crate in the back of my TJ. I would throw the same things in everyday and of course I would then empty the same things when I went out and played. I would carry a flashlight, jumper cables, rain coat, Spec book for road and bridge construction, pens, paper and some other little things. During the summer my content would change, but my routine for loading and unloading everyday continued. I finally got feed up and decided lets give Tuffy a chance. I really enjoy their glove box so Im sure the rear underseat storage drawer had to be a snap to install.

Tools: Tools Optional: Parts Optional: Time:
13mm socket 1/4 drive
16mm socket
5/8-inch wrench
Phillips Screw driver
T-40 torx bit
T-50 torx bit
1/4 extension 8-inches or longer 2 8 x 30mm Allen head machine screws 60-90 Minutes

I gathered my tools called out by their instructions and decided it was time to install. Now instead of doing a detailed install using their instructions I did a write-up on how I actually did the install. What I thought would be an easy install became a nightmare. The working space under the box was really tight and assuming a lot from what I thought the instructions said drove me nuts. Nothing like taking things off just to reinstall just because you misread the instructions. I did a bit of swearing and swore I would never do an install again and when/If the Jeep sold the box was going with.

Have no fear I changed a few things and I hope my little bit of insight helps you when you decide to purchase this well built item. Its well worth the effort

Remove the left and right seat catch brackets located on the sidewalls using a T-40 torx bit. Save one of the torx bolts from each for reuse.
Remove the seat belt buckles bolted to the floor using a T-50 Torx bit. You may dispose of the bolt, but I reused to fill the hole.
Remove the shoulder harness bolts located on the sidewalls Also with a T-50 torx bit. Keep the seatbelt harness together with the bolt for reuse.
Install the new rear right and left brackets to the same mounting holes as the original with a T-40 torx bit. You will only use one small torx bolt from the original two per side. Also install the shoulder strap bolt using a T-50 torx bit
This is a top view down. Notice how the top hooks appear to point backwards. That's because they do. =)
This is both rear brackets installed.
Using a pair of needle nose pliers remove the plastic bushings from the original seat mounting brackets.
Insert the new front bracket in the old hole where the plastic bushing used to be. You can hand tighten the nylon nut.
Remove the front bolt close to the front of your Jeep closes to the front seats with a 13mm socket. Place the new bracket on top of the old bracket and insert the old bolt. You will then tighten while hand adjusting to insure the bracket is flat and square with the old original bracket.
Throw your seat back in your Jeep because its time to do some test fitting. The instructions say to install your seat into the new mounting brackets just like your seat used to fit into your old bracket. The nylon nuts then should be tightened making sure your seat. For some reason it wanted you to leave the floor bolts loose and then tighten them with the seat in place. I was confused so I did it my way.
Remove the two rubber stoppers on the bottom of the seat using a Phillips screw driver.

Getting close to installing the box. Looking at the latch on the under drawer box it appears to be just like my Tuffy glove box.

While working with the drawer. This was also the source of scratching the heck out of my fore arms reaching in. My wife asked me how many cats I fought with in the garage. I told her 6. =)

Two remove the drawer there are two pins on each side. They look like little flaps shown in the center of this picture. On one side of the drawer you push down and on the other side you push up. It comes out rather simply when you try it a few times.
The instructions don't mention it, but you will need to punch a small hole in your carpet to attach the bottom of the box to your front mounting brackets currently supporting your hinge point for your seat.
I carefully measured and punched though like so showing the rear bolt hole.
After several attempts using a bolt I've come to the conclusion that I was just going to notch a small piece of carpet out of each side instead of trying to fight the screw through the carpet and the bottom of the box.

After placing the box on the mounting brackets this is what it looks like inside of the box. Keep in mind the hole your going to be trying to feed is on the other side of the drawer slide rails located way up front, which of course my camera couldn't see no matter what angle I tried.

When you go to put your box into the brackets you will notice there are two bolts on the rear bracket studs. Do not remove them. They act as jacking nuts to elevate your box and drawer so it slides at an upward angle keeping you front hitting your little tie down points and the bottom of your rear door.

The kit was supposed to come with (2) 8 x 40mm bolts, but after tearing my packing materials apart it was very obvious that something was misplaced. I visited my local hardware store and tried to install them using a universal joint like the instructions said, but again it was obvious it was not going to work like tuffy instructed. So I picked up some machine screws 8 x 30mm with an Allen head and of course torx bit T-40 with a 1/4 extension to the rescue.
The machine screw head is really narrow, so narrow the lock washers where bigger.
This is how I installed the screws through a hole in the top of the box, which never appeared to serve any purpose, but to help me complete my nightmarish task.
Here you see the end of the extension on the other side of the drawer rail, which after fighting for an hour with a universal was completed in seconds with a torx and a Allen head machine screw.
After installing the front bolts it was time for the rear. Use a screw driver and slide in two washers between the rear bracket and the drawer box. I used the screw driver because after fishing for the washers 3 or 4 times It got really old taking front screws off just to get under the box.
Slide in the bolt with a washer and the final washer with nylon nut. Use a 16mm socket and a 5/8 wrench to tighten.
Install the seat belt buckles to the outside of the box on the top through the angle iron. The instructions show the buckles attached on the other side of the angle iron, but no matter what I tried the holes would not match up. Go figure. Miss print or year change.
This is what it looks like from the rear.
Using a 13mm deep socket tighten the two remaining nylon nuts just inside the opening of the box. Remember them nuts.
Over the course of taking the box off 5 or 6 times I decided to replace the torx bolt holding down the original seat belt buckle. I didn't like the open hole look.
All said and done. It took some head scratching, but its worth the effort. Now I have room for my jumper cables, spare clothes, flash light, rain coat and whatever else I can squeeze into a 3.5 x 17 inch drawer.


Questions Ive been asked lately:

Do adults sitting in the backseat miss the headroom?
Welp my wife is 5' 7" and she made the comment that she would not like sitting in the back because her head was touching the roof. I would say it was more like pushing the roof up. She said she felt like she was in a fred flintson mobile. Most of my passgengers are my wifes younger brother and sister. Most of the time my back seat is folded down anyway.

Can you tumble the rear seat and still use a duster cover?
Yes I have confirmed that it does fit. It even acts like a prop to hold the duster up so it doesn't flap as much as it would without. Below you will find a few photos