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Intermittent Wiper Switch Install

For years and I do mean years since 2000 Ive always wanted variable wipers. My wifes Volkswagon had them. After a few years of turning the wipers on and off then on and off I got sick of tired of it and often either drove with the wipers on when they didn't need to be or left them off when they should of been on.

A few years later 2006 to be exact we found a 98 Cherokee with all the bells and whistles. I'll be damn it has Variable wipers. I was then annoyed and said thats it. Last week my wife asked me what I wanted for my Birthday and I said tires and I got em. My wife then said why dont you buy that windsheild wiper thingy your always complainging about. I had a mission and I wasn't going to give up. I did some searching and I knew Jeepsareus would have it, sure enough.

Tools: Time:
Phillips Screw Driver
14mm Deep socket
Torx #20
Aproximately 30minutes

The install was pretty easy. I used a FSM so I could figure out what screws removed what panels. All in all anybody with basic tools should be able to do this switch pretty easily. Written by kizer, if you have any questions or comments about this install visit


This is what my original windsheild wiper looked like.

Disconnet your positive and negitive battery terminals.

Using a Phillips screw driver remove the two screws on the knee panel.

Using a Phillips screwdriver to remove the panel behind the knee panel.

Using a Phillips screw driver to remove the 3 screws holding the windsheild upper and lower sections of the steering wheel shroud together.

Bottom half of the steering wheel shroud removed.

Before you beging yanking out the upper shroud you either need to use your steering wheel tilt or loosen the steering column bolts. The reason you need to do one or the other is because the upper shroud is tight up against the bottom of the dash and the plug entering your front wiper switch.

Both sides of your steering column there is a bolt hanging down with a nut. I believe its a 14mm deep socket.

Loosen both sides to the point the nut is flush with the bolt. I didn't want to take a chance in taking the nut off and wrestling with the weight of the column and everything else connected.

Gently remove the upper shroud and use a Torx #20 and remove the two torx screws holding down the rubber splash sheild.

Peal back the sheild and leave attached.

On the right side of the steering wheel the front windsheild switch should simply lift straight out with hardly any effort.

Disconnect the plug behind the switch.

Note the posistion of the rubber boot on the switch.

Each is nearly Identical with the exception of the markings and the variable wiper knob.

On the left the variable speed switch the plug sits down into the switch and the stock one its up out of the switch.

Nothing much to note here other than the markings and the adjustable knob.

Everything plugs in the same and simply reverse the removal process.

Dont forget the rubber boot that came off the original switch.

When it was all said and done it worked perfectly.
I didn't detail the exact reassmbly of the steering column and shrouds, but heres a few numbers to help out.
Non tilt Steering column bolts 16 foot lbs pounds
Steering Column mounting screws 18 inch pounds
Water Sheild 10 inch pounds

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