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Finding a York Compressor

I started working on a York 210 compressor and Ive recieved a few emails asking how do you find a York Compressor? As luck would have it I found this list a while back. Im not 100% how complete or accurate it is, however it should be a good starting point to helping you find one. Now keep in mind the only way to really identify which compressor you have is to pull the clutch pulley off and look at the end of the crank.

Written by kizer.

Model Year Head Type Suction
100LS 77-76 Tube O-Ring Right


Model Year Head Type Suction
Bronco 81-78 Tube O-Ring Left
Bronco 78-83 Flange Right
Country Squire 75-84 Flange Right
Crown Victoria, LTD Full Size 75-84 Flange Right
E Series Van 76-82 Tube O-Ring Left
E Series Van 76-85 Flange Right
F Series Pickup F150 - F350 76-81 Tube O-Ring Left
F Series Pickup F150 - F350 80-85 Flange Right
Fairmont 79-82 Tube O-Ring Left
Fairmont 79-83 Flange Right
Granada 80-82 Tube O-Ring Left
Granada 76-82 Flange Right
LTD II 83-84 Flange Right
Maverick 76-77 Tube O-Ring Left
Maverick 76-77 Flange Right
Mustang 76-81 Tube O-Ring Left
Mustang 79-84 Flange Right
Pinto 76-80 Tube O-Ring Left
Pinto 76-80 Flange Right
Ranger 83-84 Flange Right
Thunderbird 77-82 Tube O-Ring Left
Thunderbird 80-88 Flange Right
Torino 76 Tube O-Ring Left
Torino 76 Flange Right


Model Year Head Type Suction
Cherokee 83-76 Tube O-Ring Right
Cherokee 83-76 Flange Right
Comanche 88-86 Tube O-Ring Right
Grand Wagoneer 91-84 Tube O-Ring Right
Wagoneer 83-76 Tube O-Ring Right


Model Year Head Type Suction
Bobcat 80-76 Tube O-Ring Left
Bobcat 80-76 Flange Right
Capri 82-79 Tube O-Ring Left
Capri 84-79 Flange Right
Colony Park 84-80 Flange Right
Comet 77-76 Tube O-Ring Left
Comet 77-76 Flange Right
Cougar 82-76 Tube O-Ring Left
Cougar 82-76 Flange Right
Grand Marquis 84-83 Flange Right
Marquis - Full Size 82-80 Flange Right
Marquis - Mid Size 84-83 Flange Right
Monarch 80 Tube O-Ring Left
Monarch 80-76 Flange Right
Montego 76 Tube O-Ring Left
Montego 76 Flange Right
Zephyr 82-78 Tube O-Ring Left
Zephyr 83-78 Flange Right


Model Year Head Type Suction
911 83-78 Flattop Right
914 76-73 Flattop Right
930 79-77 Flattop Right


Model Year Head Type Suction
240 Series 84-75 Flange Right